Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chicks, man, chicks...

The Queen and The Bodhi Chicklet - The Two Kims

December 1, 2009, Pointe Claire, Quebec

Back in from a bit of a whirl wind trip to Montreal. I left Sunday morning and was back home Tuesday dinner time and yet during those short 56 hours or so, I :

saw three deer in the middle of the road (alive and well ! ),

hugged and kissed my sweet Mommy multiple times,

saw and wished my sister Natalie a happy 40th birthday in person on her actual birthday,

visited and broke bread with 4 of my old friends,

met a new great friend over coffee and a 2 1/2 hour chat,

sold lots of birds and things,

slept in two different beds in two different apartments,

visited a part of Montreal I had never seen before,

soothed and healed some wounds,

offered a shoulder to lean on,

had sweet exchanges over rocks

and shined my light as brightly as I could.

No wonder I feel kind of tired today ! Tired but filled up in so many ways.

My visit yesterday morning with Kim was so fun. I found it hard to say good bye ! Like my meeting with my other heart/blogpal friend, Sherry, the conversation flowed so easily. It genuinely felt so comfortable with Kim. There is an openness of heart and absolutely no judgement of any kind which I so admire and appreciate in this lovely woman. And did you see those gorgeous blue eyes ? Just a beautiful person all around. I know, as I did with Sherry as well, that Kim and I will meet again and that our first eye to eye visit is to be the first of many.

As I sat to write this post this morning, I was struck by one of the constants throughout all the activities I did in the past few days. That constant was the presence of incredible women in my life. My Mom, my sisters Natalie and Kristina, my friends Andrea, Darlene and Suzanne, my blogpal and new real-life friend, Kim, and even the many women at my mom's office who purchased my offerings...

So many woman, so many female hearts and so much strength and feminine energy. And even here, in Blogland, where the large majority of people who I truly connect with on a heart level are women...

Of course, there are great men in my world too, (especially the man who lets me fly freely, knowing I will come back home to land in our cozy nest), but the presence of women is so powerful for me. I am really thankful for that female essence and strength in my life and in my own being ! It is a beautiful thing !

So today I am resting up. I think me and my Chica (another female !!! ;) ) may just head to the beach - it is supposed to hit 50 here today and it is sunny and beautiful ! A bucket of rocks, some walking (running for the d. o. g. !) by the surf and lots of vitamin D on the head !

Tomorrow, I am turning my energy toward my Squamie Visit on Saturday. A little cleaning, some planning for our art journal play date and some menu planning for supper chez moi !

And then Sunday, and for the rest of the month, it will be all about David and I and our cozy Christmas preparations. Putting up only the decorations that I (or David) really love. Choosing simple gifts for important peeps (I think I am going with books for all this year - maybe a few copies of Life is a Verb for a few of my friends?) Sending out cards with messages of love. Baking a few favorites. And just BEING with the spirit of the holidays... Man, does that sound good and perfectly festive to me !

So in the spirit of all of that, and because my lovely Sherry started it off yesterday by including my # 1 favorite Christmas Song in her post, I will include #2 on my list...fits that it is kind of about the woman, the woman of Christmas, I guess ! ;)

Enjoy and Happy December, beautiful Ones !


sherry ♥ lee said...

Oh Joy, I can listen to this while I post my comment!! :) Love this one too!!!

Glad you had such a whirlwind of wonderful experiences on the weekend.

And look at you and the Bodhi ♥!!! Both in your blue scarves!!! :) The two of you had fun without me :( Already I'm thinking about you and me hitting Montreal and hooking up with the Quebec girl!! :)

Happy holiday planning! ♥

beth said...

did you hug kim for me ?

a whirlwind trip is right, but when it's filled with that much love....well, then it's hurricane strength winds filled with magic I tell you !

what a year 2009 has been for you and how lucky am I that I've gotten to be a tiny part of it.....NEXT year sweet gigantic heart you, we meet in real life, K?

slommler said...

Love this song too!! And to think they are trying to take Christ out of Christmas!! Not if I can help it!!
Sounds like a wonderful love-filled trip you had! You are both beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture! Beautiful women!
So much to be thankful for and appreciate and write about and keep in our hearts!!
I am thankful for your for your beauty, inside and out!
love you,

Snap said...

Two of my favorite women in that gorgeous photo! I knew the two Kims would hit it off just fine. Love the song. If you delivered all our hugs -- you two should be hugged out! :D :D :D

lotiv said...

hhmmm...well. welcome home.

Paula said...

Oh, I love this one as well! Your trip sounds wonderful; know what I wish That one day, I'm gonna meet the queen! I bet we could have a blast.

Women in our lives...women together are so powerful. I've witnessed it and lived it.

Hugs and love to you.......

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I was so glad to hear you were home safely. I'm looking forward to our next powwow, maybe you'll even take me up on the offer of my guest space. You accomplished so much in a matter of hours, I am honored you chose to spend 1 1/2 of them with me! Aren't women amazing?! We do roar! We are stronger than we realize and are so moving forward swiftly, sometimes silently but always powerfully. Enjoy your weekend visitors. December is upon us, I'm going to get the decorations out this weekend and get going myself.

Jennifer said...

Kim, you've been on so many adventures these days and all so wonderful :) Your holiday plans sound wonderful too. I love the idea of a book for some special friends...that sounds great!

Enjoy your decorating...we need to do that this weekend!

jgr said...

You are busy, my friend! So glad you had a nice trip.

Miss Meliss said...

You are truly blessed! What an awesome reflection of Who You Are!!

~magickal hugs~