Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Month of Impossible Waiting…

How does a warm weather loving Rock Fairy spend the dull, cold days of February ?

IMG_7626Rocking a new hairdo and puffy, chapped lips.


Lighting candles and sending love to friends in need.


Painting rocks.

Trays of them.

For a spring wedding of an old friend.


Spending time with fast growing and oh, so sweet little Jayden and his Mom.


Trying to take good time for myself and get back to some creating just for me.

A great therapy and escape from winter blahs.

Which I remember whenever I put myself into the studio and give myself a little push !


Creating without any goal in mind.

Letting the spray ink blobs guide me…



Adding in color where it wants to go.


And on this page, finishing it off with some found poetry.

Grabbing a bit of text from a book and circling words that want to fit in…

Leading to a little tale of impossible waiting.


A tale this warm weather loving, winter weary chickie can relate to.

I hope your impossible waiting time is filled with love and light, and sweet creating, Beautiful Ones!


Corrine at said...

I love your spirit beings that keep showing up. We need to do SOMETHING to keep the cold from getting to us, although I am running out of ideas this winter.....xox

Jennifer said...

I love the hair cut and ye at and everything in between!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

This has been a really challenging season. I am almost afraid to look at the forecast. I am clinging on to the slightly longer days, hanging on by a thread too. It will change soon, right?

Jennifer said...

Ye at = the art. Thank you autocorrect!

Snap said...
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Snap said...

Love your hair cut and the splash of color on your journal page ... not all dark dreary for the light is coming!


Priti.Lisa said...

YOU, sweet Kim, are a soft place to fall.

beth said...

look at you beautiful, rocking that sexy new hair cut….sooooo cute!!!

and lordy, those rocks are keeping you busy.

oh and seriously, can i eat that baby? please :)

Anonymous said...

It gets tedious, this waiting, doesn't it? well, the good news is we are over the hump and it will be fast approaching from here on in. Glad to see your still smiling face and your ever inspiring offerings.
much love

nacherluver said...

You make beautiful use of your time! Love your new 'do!

Laura said...

love love love the rockin' hair style and all the creative juices that are flowing!

Stephanie said...

you are heating up this cold season!


Fallingladies said...

love where the ink blobs took you!!!! February and March are my hardest months... and it's soooo cold. glad you are cheering yourself and the rest of us!

*jean* said...

cute cute cute hair!!! and those rocks, what a good friend to create those for a wedding...such a sweet token to give away...awesome inkers that earthy palette