Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rock Fairy, Rock Fairy, Where have you been ? And where are you going ?

Oh, Kimbo, where have you been ?

I haven’t been blogging very much since 2014 was rung in.

That is because the beginning of the year was taken up spending a lot of time with this little Monkey.


Helping his Momma, my niece Amanda, out with caring for him, watching him grow every day,


and falling madly, and completely in love with him.


Jayden and his mom have moved on to another home now,

but our time together was one of the most precious life experiences I have ever had.


"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
-Winnie the Pooh

Love you guys !

Spring is finally, finally, slowly arriving here in New Hampshire.


The wearing of the parka is being let go in favor of the lighter coat and pretty scarves,


and best of all, the snow has melted enough to allow the Chucks to reappear !!!

Creatively, I have been focused in stitch love,

making these little stitched pillows for a swap with my amazing friend Deb Taylor, and a bunch of other stitch happy artists.


We each had to make 16 pillows in a shabby chic style.


These are some of my favs in my batch.


That was a whole lot of stitch love in lots of little packages !

Other than my swap contributions,

my creative time has been kind of limited of another important reason.

The Queen of Arts Studio and the Rock Fairy are on the move !

Along with everything we are keeping from the yellow house on Orange Street!

David and I and our furry babies are purging and packing up to move

way down south

to Tampa, Florida !

Yes, Beautiful Ones, the Rock Fairy has just lived through the last New England winter she will see for a good long while!

David has been transferred to the Tampa offices of the company he works for,

and in June, we are off to start a whole new life

in sunny and warm Florida !

Of course, we are very excited, though we are going through the huge stresses of packing up and arranging things here in NH, finding a new home in the Tampa area from a long distance away, and dealing with the details of getting all of our belongings moved about a 1000 miles away.

The other hard part is leaving my family and friends in Montreal really far behind.

It will mean less frequent trips north to spend time with them, but hopefully longer and special times together in the Sunshine State to make up for it!

So time for blogging may be still kind of scarce until we get settled in our new home down south. I look forward to reconnecting and diving back in from there, and sharing my new arty adventures from tropical locales !

Big love, Beautiful Ones,

and may your living be full of things that make you feel ALIVE !


Stephanie said...

What a change!!! I do have to say...just a bit of envy...

think I could to that!

love lovely little pillows

Kate Robertson said...

Kim, I have done this very same thing. Over 20 years ago we left Michigan for the West and haven't looked back. You never get back as much as you'd like. Hopefully your family will want to visit you. The first thing I suggest is to start looking for your tribe in Florida. That is the best way to connect and feel at home. Wishing you the best of journeys and lots of new horizons to explore.

Big hugs


Carmen said...

Lots of change! Your little buddy is gorgeous as are your stitchery goodness.

Looking forward to seeing what the future brings for you kim, good luck with the move. I hope it all goes smoothly for you x

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for your up coming move!! what an exciting time you are in right now~ what with all that little soul love you just got from Jayden and all the stitchy stuff you've created and all the enticing new things that await you in the sunshine state! wow, 2014 has made a good impression on you!!
Much love and good times ahead~

marilyn stephens said...

Wow Kim super fantastic
Moving to Florida <3 sunshine and warmth.......sigh
Fantastic, I also loved this post and your gorgeous stitch pieces. Love you rock fairy. Marilyn xx

Olivia said...

OH, I have been waiting for this Big Announcement for a long time, My Queen! You and your King now will reign from a different palace now, and I am very happy for you.

Of course, everyone will want to visit you there...I am very excited for you and know you will find just the right place! xoO

cjsrq said...

You will love Florida! I've lived here since 1981 and every day I get up to another day in paradise. I'm on the west coast in Sarasota, just below Tampa. Love all your stitched beauties!

deb did it said...

We in Florida are so lucky to have you nearby I see art play dates in our near future after you settle in. The Tampa area is way cool. Thank you for sharing your stitches of love with me in our swap. You work is amazingly filled with thoughtful artsy Big Love !! Safe journey and we will see you soon !! xoxo

Snap said...

Exciting news! Congratulations to David. You will be closer to me. :) Happy Dance.

Leslie said...

So many beautiful things here. I love those stitched and dyed books! And a move to Florida! We talk about that. An exciting new adventure is ahead for you. How nice!

Leslie said...

Oops! Always books on the brain around here. Beautiful PILLOWS!

Laura said...

Wow, congrats to the both of you... love your new works and can't wish more then best for you to...keep us posted as you move along.

Kim Andersen said...

Best wishes and traveling mercies to the rock fairy and her rock! I bet you will love the change in latitude :)

Marit said...

Big changes for both you and me... as I am in te same process.... (it looks now that I will really, really leave near my beloved sea soon, but a lot has to be done yet so it's not 100% sure yet... keep your fingers crossed!) Good luck with all the stuff that has to be arranged now - I know how much it is!

Meri said...

It's easy to see how love crept in and grabbed you! And the little pillows. . . well, let's just say it makes me sad that I was too tied up with other obligations to play in Deb's exchange.

Anonymous said...

Most excited for you, stressful, yup, moving is a huge transition.....but I know that it will be so much nicer for hubby not to have to drag out the snowblower after work! Wish you happy packing and beautiful new horizons. xox

patti said...

Best wishes for a uneventful move and of course a happy landing in Florida!

Hope you enjoy the sunshine Kim!

See you on the other side! xx

somepinkflowers said...

{{ !!!!!! }}

ooowww ...
what Deb Taylor said !!

i love my florida
& hope to see you

this summer,
dear one.


Gollywobbles said...

There goes my fantasy of bumping into the Rock Fairy at "our" ocean. I liked knowing you were there....but I'll keep tabs on you still. Wish you the best always.

arlene said...

Life is never static, is it?! So much adventure! Who knows what wonderful inspiration awaits? I'm so happy for you to be stretching and using those fairy wings! Love and blessing and prayers for a smooth transition.
arlene <3

Laura said...

My goodness Kim this is so exciting… we never had our lunch date:-( May you always be blessed where every you go, wherever you are.

Serena said...

Wow, Kim, very big and exciting news!! Well there is much to look forward to, that's for sure! No more having to deal with the New England winter cooooold and lots more sunshine sounds amazing. Of course being further away from your family is a downside, but - as you say - hopefully their will be lots of visits (with longer stays) down to Tampa! If I lived closer to you I'd be helping you in any way I could to pack up and get ready. Wishing you all the very best and I'm so excited for you guys!! BIG HUGS xoxo