Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Un fait accompli - My First Completed Art Journal

So I have done it ! I finished the last page of my art journal this morning ! I started it on October 15th, 2007 and now have 54 pages covered in little pieces of me ! It really does feel like an accomplishment to have filled all of those pages. It makes me want to share it with the world (except for the more secret things that I only want to share with people who I really trust) ! I guess by putting pieces up on the blog along the way, the whole world does have access anyway ! Cool !

Here are some pictures of recent pages, the new cover of my book and also my "finale" pages.

Art Journal Cover - A photo from my trip to West Virginia makes a great cover, don't you think ?

Page One - "Which way does the wind blow ?"- Done October 2007

"Friends in the Wood" - A recent page celebrating my new friend Sonia and our time at "Camp"

"We Laugh" - A recent page done for me and he - I love this shot of us !

"What Do You See When You Look in The Mirror ?" - A recent ode to PMS

"Letting Go" - Still working on this, big time ! (The concept, not the page !)

Finale Two Page Spread

I used a sheet of the rubbing and resist paper I made for the GPP Street Team Crusade #21 for the background and quoted the lyrics from the Coldplay song "Twisted Logic" for "The End".

The background is another rubbing/resist paper. I recently came across the same picture of this gorgeous red head that I had used on "Page One" in an old Oprah magazine and had to use it again on page 54, "You go backwards, but then, you go forwards again". The end of something is always the beginning of something else, right ?

So there you have it ! Mon chef d'oeuvre - my masterpiece ! (Mistresspiece ?) And now on to the new journal. I have bought it. It's empty pages lie on my worktable full of possibility! The same format as this one (a field watercolor book) because I love the idea of eventually having a whole series of the same sized book on my studio shelves, filled with little pieces of me ! Good job, Kimbo !


Anonymous said...

Hooray!! looks fantastic! Don't you love the feeling of having a finished book under your belt? And a blank one ready to go? FUN TIMES!bqdotbud

Anonymous said...

Hi precious one!
Reading your blogs is like going on a little journey each time.
Good works sweetie.
Have a wonderful day...and on to another journey.
Love you very much
You know who...:)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations and so beautiful!

carolyn said...

Congratulations on completing your journal! The pages you've shared are so personal and wonderful. I hope to one day finish my journal. I have three in progress. Maybe that's my problem!

JeriAnn said...

Kim, this is wonderful -- what a work of art! The cover blew me away and I loved the pages you shared. Such a great use for the resist pages! Congratulations and can't wait to see what comes next.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my little works of art. I love these kids and it's so great to share them with my fellow artists. Much appreciated!

Lorraine said...

thanks for your great Picasso quote on my blog..I was trying to remember where I had seen a quote about inner child artist etc. I love your art journal and can so relate to the PMS one and I love the way the girls hair is the same as the tree your use of colour..inspiring thankyou

LaY hOoN said...

This is really an awesome journal.
Love it.

aLuminousSpark said...

Your art journal is lovely :-)


curlyillustrator said...

I like your journal! Congrats on finishing it. The photo of the girl's hair blowing in the same direction as the tree is my favorite.

laurel said...

Awesome journal! I've started one but only have a couple of pages done. Need to get more wild and crazy and free with it. Yours is an inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing.