Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Thee Some LOVE Therapy !

So I just got back from a week away (more on that in a moment !). While I was away, the lovely and brilliant Serena at Dream With The Fishes tagged me to list 5 things I do to keep my mind healthy and my life balanced. This one kind of threw me for a loop. I don't think I am much of an authority on this one ! This is a definite struggle for the Old Libra Queen - I long to be more balanced and more healthy but I know that I have some improving to do on both accounts.

But as I thought about this tag, I remembered the week I had just had in Montreal and Mont Tremblant. This was an entire week of "LOVE Therapy" ! Talk about stuff to make you feel more balanced and more healthy ! And though I can't always keep the momentum going all the time, the time I spent this past week was so good for my being in so many, many ways ! This winter has been hard and long but spending a week in "LOVE Therapy" has done some major healing and filling up of my soul. I highly recommend it !!!

What does "LOVE Therapy" entail, you ask ? Well first off, you have to take the time. Now, a minute or an hour of LOVE therapy is great but if you can afford it, I recommend taking at least a weekend and definitely longer if you can. As my wise woman sister, Kristina says about taking that time "Can you really afford NOT to ???"
So where does the LOVE Therapy take place ? Think of the place that has the most LOVE available to you. It may well be your very own home ! For me, it meant travelling back to my hometown where my LOVE circle is big and has long established roots !

Okay, now for some of the knitty gritty of LOVE Therapy (with a little help from some of my friends !) :

1. LOve Therapy starts with asking for what you need and making that a priority.

(Azzy wants some water - he asks for it !)

2. Be Your Own Musher - In LOVE therapy, sometimes you need to take control a bit and make things happen.

(Thomas mushing the (empty) dogsled !)

3. Change Your Diet - Eat Things that are GOOD for you or things that taste GOOD- especially if they are prepared by someone else !!!

(Katie's Choice ?)

(F-R-U-I-T! FRUIT, Nature's Candy ! Smart Baby, huh ?)

4. Find Your Own Special Cheerleaders and really listen to their Cheers !

(2, 4, 6, 8 - Who Do We Appreciate ? Kimmy, Kimmy, Yaaay, Kimmy !)

5. Graciously accept all forms of PDA's from those who LOVE you !

(Even the kind that SQUISH a little !)

6. Take the time to look at and appreciate the beauties of Nature !

(Evening Grossbeak and Puffed Up Bluejay)

7. Get Lots of Rest - Be it by taking a Seat along the way :

Or as the experts suggest...

Napping Whenever Possible !

8. Keep the Beat and be part of a Circle of Friends :

(Was this as silly and as fun as it looks ? Oooooh Ya !!!)

9. Leave Judgements about Others at the Door !

(My sisters (Natalie and Kristina) a little quirky ? Maybe but I wouldn't have them any other way !)

10. Learn to Create Harmony In All You Do !

(Three sister sing - See our cool mikes ?)

So take the time, go to the place and fill yourself up with these LOVE Therapy techniques and before you know it....

You will be a Happy and Fulfilled Camper once again !!!

(I would like to take this opportunity to tell my wonderful family and friends thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for me each and every day ! You fill me up with Love and make me feel whole. I love you all so very, very much !)


Commuter's Journal said...

Welcome back, Kim! So happy to see you refreshed and restored by plenty o' good lovin'! There's nothing like going back to the source for restoration. I hope the rest of the winter passes smoothly -- and soon!

From "down South" in Connecticut,
-- JeriAnn

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back and blogging, but am even more glad that you had such an awesome week! I love the pics!

arlene said...

Wow! What a week you had! That definitely fills the Love Tank to overflowing. I love all your tips, but #4? That Katie is a smart little cookie! hehe I'm with her.
I'm smiling and feeling happier just looking at your pictures. Thanks SO much for sharing your secrets with us!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Sounds like that was a worthwhile trip. And a lovely shot of the grosbeak and jay.

Genie Sea said...

Welcome back!

What a gorgeous, loving, fun family you have! Thomas and Katie are absolutely adorable! :)

Love Therapy Rules! :)

Karin said...

what a fabulously fun and uplifting post!! I love all the pictorial support you gave your list - just perfect :) Glad you got such a load of love during your time away, so you could spread it around to us all :)
here's some more for you - much love!!

Kat's Kreations said...

I LOVE IT!!! I am going to pass this on to all my LOVEd ones!

carolyn said...

Glad to see that you got the love therapy that you need! A week away must do wonders for your soul.
btw, you are doing great with the rebel! Love your pics!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific post! Loved looking at these photos, they gave me a vicarious love boost. Your niece is a real cutie pie. Oh those rosy cheeks! I especially loved seeing you and your sisters and everyone having such a great time together! That looks like a hellofalotta fun! Good for you getting your Love Therapy on! A week of this kind of goodness is sure to wipe away months of sticky, goopy emotional griminess. I must see about getting me some, too!!