Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shelving Another One - "The Heart of Life" is DONE !

(early page - The Heart of Life)

So I just marked my art journal titled "The Heart Of Life" as "DONE!"

I actually saved one blank page in it...I think I will write about what I have learned from this one on that last blank page. Like that this journal was a lot "darker" than my first completed one. Or that there are some re-occurring themes throughout it, like the search for self-love, getting to know the inner you, the heart, pain as a catalyst for change, etc...that very much reflect what was going on in my life during the eight months or so it took to fill it up.

(recent page - "What do you ant to teach your daughters ? All the Best Cowgirls have Chinese Eyes.")

This is the second Strathmore Field Watercolor Pad (bought at Michaels with 50% off coupons) that I have filled up. I like the size I think (7x9") - not too big, not too small. I also like the combo of watercolor and sketch paper in each pad. I do some pages in larger sketchbooks with gessoed pages sometimes when I need more room. But there is something so very satisfying about having these completed journals in the same format both now sitting on the shelf in my studio.

(recent page : "Caution - Falling"

I created this slide show for this journal finale which was fun ! A little time consuming but fun! If you have a chance to look through my pages, maybe you could leave me a comment about which pages struck you the most or were your favorites. I love having this document of parts of me, and I know which pages mean the most to me as their creator. It would be kind of cool to know how my "audience" has felt when I have shared these "friends of mine.".

Happy Wednesday !


Debbie said...

That is great! You know every time I come here I am amazed by your talent.

Commuter's Journal said...

This is a wonderful achievement, Kim. Not only do the individual pieces work beautifully, but the story they tell when viewed in order is an amazing journey of self discovery, self realization and release. Your use of color creates a wonderful bridge between the individual pieces and ties it all together. Congratulations! Here's to many more works of art.

-- JeriAnn

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Beautiful journal pages! So nice to see them as a collection! :-)

Sherry said...

I like "heart of life" because I love the hearts pouring out of the bottle which is exactly what we need, we crave when we have the blues. And I like "healing" because it has a personal meaning to me.

It's an amazing journal Kim, not just because of the beautiful art work, but for the story that it has told for you personally.

Anonymous said...

An amazing collection of pages here, Kim...congratulations! I watched the slide show...but my favorite was picked early..I LOVE your Caution Falling page that you pictured in the post. Bravo! Here's to many more journals...and your future Art Journaling publication!! SUBMIT!!!

Genie Sea said...

I watched your slide show twice. I was totally captivated by your art journal pages. Each one was like stepping into another world. :)

Anonymous said...

really like your 'caution, falling' art journal page!
thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a so makes my day!

Jennifer said...

Congratson finishing your journal. I love the slide show. I have to watch more this evening, but righ tnow my favorites are Freedom, Gross Gordon, Jealousy 1 & 2 and Piano.

You are so amazing!

trisha too said...

Hi, Kim! i'm still visiting everybody who stopped by during owoh--your journal is fantastic.

today i am home with the s l o w intraweb, so sadly cannot look at your slide show, but since you asked, i really like the one of your sweetie and you. it's so joyful!


lynne h said...

congratulations kim! i know that i just love the feeling of finishing a journal... a little sad, but also expectant about the next one -- wondering where it will lead me. the thing that i love about journals is that even pages i didn't like so much at the time i did them are perfect in the journal as a whole when it's done. this strikes me as a perfect metaphor for life, actually...

i really, really love your heART!

happy thursday to you!!


carolyn said...

hi kim!
congratulations on completing your newest art journal. "the heart of life" is an amazing collection of pure authentic feelings and how brave of you to share it with us! okay i can't pick just one so i chose 5 pages that "struck" me.
healing (i can relate to this)
,insideout (this one too)
ladybird (this spread is just cool!)
subject is love (i can personally relate to this)
wrong train (this one too)

your journal is the first journal i've viewed from start to finish and although the pages are your personal feelings, I can relate to what you journaled about because in my own life i have dealt with/faced some of the issues you included.
that is the beauty of art.
it touches the viewer in its own way and we are able to interpret it in our own minds.
you are a true artist!
very inspiring.
okay...on to the next one!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim! These are just so cool; I really really want to hold this book in my hands. So many of them appeal. Caution Falling is right where I'm at, as is Balancing Act 2. Are you inside my head? Gotta admit though that I also love Conversation with Birds!

Joy Logan said...

OH what a yummy journal! Love the hearts pouring out.

Unknown said...

Looks like you have been busy. Loved the slideshow. very interesting colors and subject. Love your work as usual oh great other queen. heehee

angel said...

Very nice! This is a great journal, and amazing to me that you've shared such depth in feelings and places you go in art and life! I can't pick just one...loved them all, but my faves right now:

I'll continue to keep up with you your blog!