Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Queen is so thankful for her friends !

So when I did my quick "simple things" post on Monday, I mentioned that the Famous Craft Fair was a bit of a bust. Thanks for all your sympathy and encouragement but it really wasn't that bad...

It was only a bust financially. I did learn a lot, made some good connections, and had a really nice time meeting people and of, course, sharing my Rock My World rocks. I got a lot of positive feedback about my display and my products which felt good.

The main obstacle was the weather. It was very raw and poured rained very heavily all day long ! That meant the attendance was way down, and in fact, many people didn't even make a single sale ! I did quite well compared to many but made only about enough to cover my costs and have enough left over for a craft store trip for myself to replenish my stores a bit !

I was disappointed with the turnout money wise but I am very satisfied with my own set up, the time and dedication I put into it all and what I have learned that can be applied to the next one ! The Queen Did Good !

Here's a few photos...

The table...

some birds, necklaces, Queen of Arts sign...

magnets, rocks, angels and soaps...

original art cards (love those !!!)

Me at the table...

My friend Suzanne came down for a few days and was sweet enough to spend the day with me at the high school cafeteria in spite of the s l o w-ness of the day. My hubby was our driver and made sure I had everything I needed to set up my table just how I wanted it which I so appreciated. All in all it was a good experience.

Suzanne and I spent some good friend time together, shopping, and hanging out and she just left this morning. Life is not always easy but when we relax into stuff and just take advantage of what is good in the present moment, it sure feels easier. I love my good old friend very much and I am very thankful for the friendship we share.

The rest of the day today is all about taking care of me. I am carrying around the tail end of a cold. I am exhausted from the go go go that is now gone, gone, gone and I need some time to rest up and feel well again for the next adventure....

Sherry is coming in THREE SLEEPS!

Yes, my dear friend who I have never met is coming down to visit me from Toronto. That is about a 10 hour drive, my friends ! Sherry was in fact the first person who ever commented on my blog when I started it two years ago, and we are in contact in Blogland or on Facebook everyday ! Sherry and I have developed a friendship based on the heart and understanding that means a great deal to me. I am thrilled that she felt the impulse to find a way for us to meet in person and that it is on its way to becoming a reality ! We talked on the phone on Monday and I can already tell that finding stuff to talk about will not be a problem ! ;)

On Saturday, Sherry and Kim will spend the day eye to eye and heart to heart and probably with something arty in our hands ! Yay ! Life is good and so full of sweet treasures when we open ourselves up for them.

And now I am off to get out my art journal and my paints, put on some music and get into a zone....I am missing it so much my fingers are itchy !

Have a happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones ! And give your friends a big squeeze and remind them how much you love them !


Jennifer said...

I know exactly what you mean about learning alot even if the day didn't produce the financial returns. That is all apart of growing as an artist who sells her wares I guess :)

Your display looks awesome though and you look quite striking and professional too :)
Have fun with Sherry!!

sherry ♥ lee said...

I'm really impressed with your's artfully done and draws people in. That's always step #1. Then there is your big heart walking smile (as evidenced by this photograph!) -- who could resist coming to say hello??

These craft fairs and usually "hit and miss" and if the weather isn't great that doesn't help. On the whole I think you really did well given the venue, the climate, etc. The key is to make things that don't cost a lot that you can make a good profit on (I learned that the hard way).

Woo hoo...3 more sleeps!!! We are going to rock Saturday right off it's sox!!! :)

patti said...

Sherry Lee is so right! My sister used to have a 'Lavender' stall at a market on a regular basis and her bestsellers were little gauze wrapped, pot pourri lavender balls (for your underwear drawer)that sold for a $1 each. She sold hundreds of these, even if she sold not much of her other products. Crazy but true!

This was a perfect test run for you - next time, with better weather and this experience under your belt, you'll do so much better.

Have a ball with your friend Sherry!

Kate said...


You had a lovely display, I can tell all the love and work that you put into it. I have done lots of shows when I was selling spinning fibers and I have had the good and the bad so I know how it is. I am glad you had somewhat of a pleasant experience. The world needs your beautiful gifts so I hope you will do one again. What a treat to have a blogging friend visit you. I have met some women I met on the net and its such a fun experience. I'll come visit you someday but right now its a lot more than 10 hours for me. But I know I will make it happen. Enjoy our visit, take lots of pictures,


dosfishes said...

Table looks fantastic. Too bad
the weather put a damper on those
shopping spirits.

Looking at your table, I can see
how much work you did to create everything beforehand. No wonder
you are tired and have a cold...

Have fun Saturday at the class, it
looked like it would be fun when I
was in there the other day...and seeing your blogging pal.

See you soon.


beth said...

your table and set up look fabulous in these photos...I would have stopped and shopped :)

and then hogged you talked your ear off until it was time to close up for the day :)

our weather here was so great 2 weekends ago....70 degrees...and I heard that a craft show with a $300 vendor fee....was a bust and many left completely in the hole....

have a great time with sherry...oh you'll have such a girly not enough sleep laughing cheeks that hurt kind of time !!


Paula said...

That display looks wonderful, and I love your positive attitude.

Oh, I do envy you and Sherry. Both of you are such awesome ladies. I can't wait to see what happens when two positive forces are combined!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the craft fair was good for you in other ways, if not financially. When I began reading this post and heard you saying you didn't do so well financially, I thought, "what is wrong with people? I KNOW Kim's stuff is awesome, must-have stuff!" But then when you said it was pouring out, that completely explains it. I've done flea markets and gone to flea markets during pouring rains, and their always a wash (oh, a pun. LOL). Your setup looked lovely! I love the way it's so perfectly color coordinated, down to the table cloth! I love your wooden crate display for the pendants. And your art cards are so beautiful! A gorgeous display.

How exciting that you're going to get to meet your friend Sherry in person for the first time! What fun!

Hope you're getting the rest you need and that you feel all better very soon. Lots of love your way! ~ xoxo ~

Boot ~C said...

"3 sleeps" reminds me that we used to say "get~ups"!

Roberta said...

Glad you had a good experience at the art sale...your table is great, and your hair...exquisite! ;-) Have fun with your much anticipated friend/art time...have lots of creativity and giggles! And of course, we want to hear all about it!
Happy day to you!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that table is just gorgeous!
Like you and your beautiful spirit. My heart gladdens every time I read a post of yours, just like that table, everything caring is on/in it. Blessings on you most wonderful one and keep up the good work.
Love you,
You know who:):)

Miss Meliss said...

Love your set up. And the birds in that beautiful cage! Lush, purely lush. Those art cards are eye candy....still admiring that page you made.

YAY to friends! I hope you and Sherry have a magickal time together - knowing you, I'm sure you will!


Seth said...

Great table and display. So sorry about the weather!!

joanne said...

Kim... your display and artwork are amazing... so pretty, colorful and full of inspiration... to me, bringing that all together is already the success in itself...

i am so excited that you and Sherry are going to meet in person and spend some friend time together... two big hearts sharing love with another... how awesome is that...


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Hi Kim,

My craft shows have been financial busts this year too (good or bad weather). People just aren't buying, no matter how cool the art is. Keep trying, keep learning and keep smiling. It will come. At least that's what I keep telling myself! :)

Many people have said how lovely your table set up was and I completely agree. You really thought it out. If you're interested in a hopefully helpful comment though, I would suggest that the tablecloth be more neutral. It is a beautiful fabric but if you're wanting potential buyers to see and remember your colorful art, it might stand out better in person (and online) with a solid color background. Ignore or not, your choice. And I hope I haven't overstepped here.

Enjoy your visit with your friend. What fun!


Anonymous said...

Your table was very attractive. I'm glad you broke even on such a rainy, slow day. That in itself says a lot! Just think how well it will go on a day when people are out and about.

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Love your displays! So glad to hear you did better than breaking even and had some money left over to replenish your stores! That's a pretty great result! :-)