Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple things on this Monday...

simple things

a cat's nose touching mine

the smell of my man's neck

the smell of fresh sheets

the crunch of an apple

a bottle of acrylic paint

india ink

anything green

a splash of raspberry red

a grapefruit cut in half, sections cut, and eaten with a small silver teaspoon

a rock with a word on it

a smile from a stranger

this moment....

(I have lots more to say about a craft fair where I made little money but got lots of life lessons, forgiveness for yourself and for others, and the sweet sweetness of friendship but I am finding the days too short and the focus on other things for now. I hope to catch up more with my pals and then get back to posting later this week. I so got caught up in the "simple things" that many of my friends were sharing today, having been inspired by christina. I love this idea and had to play along. Sending love and appreciation for the simple things...Happy Monday, beautiful Ones.)


beth said...

oh sweetie....I'm waiting to hear all about can call me :)

and in the meantime....I'm so glad you played "simple things" with us....

Olivia said...

Beautiful, Kim. I know this feeling...try :) Made me smile,



sherry ♥ lee said...

A bottle of acrylic paint! The crunch of an apple...eating a perfectly sectioned grapefruit with a silver spoon...mmmmmmmmmmm....

Even the lessons learned at the craft fair...simple things...that bring so much pleasure!!

I'm adding:

long phone calls with distant particular a friend I have never met but feel I have known a lifetime and feel no "holding back" with at all!! ♥

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
I enjoyed your list of simple things. I'm anxious t hear all about the craft fair. Meanwhile, have a good week.

Lori said...

Love this list. Completely agree about the cat's nose touching my and anything green. Great!

Paula said...

Love your list. Welcome back; I've missed your blogs!

Jennifer said...

I loved your simple things. I missed you. I know how craft fairs can be. ((HUGS))

Kate said...


I love your list of simple things. Sorry to hear your experience at the craft fair was less than you hoped. I still think you're wonderful. Consider yourself hugged.


Anonymous said...

I love the stone sayings in random places. And I love this list of simple pleasures! Nice!

Roberta said...

Thanks for sharing your "simple things" Kim! Because of you, I jumped over to Christina's blog, and decided to participate in this too :-) I love the reminder to appreciate the simple things...those are what truly make us smile!
You sound busy and your life hectic...but I am glad you popped in to say HI...I was missing your voice!

Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Simply put, I love you!

Miss Meliss said...

a deep breath ~~~in~~~ and ~~~out~~~

a total body stretch while lying on the floor

the sun shining through the leaf-less woods

10 cats coming from everywhere to get treats

laughter, laughter, laughter


and ME BABE!

and the magick that we are


dosfishes said...

Hey Kim,

Love the poem, can't wait to see some new journal pages about those feelings. sorry that the fair did
not live up to expectation but maybe something better came of it in the long run. Can't wait to see you.
I always think of your enthusiasm when I get juiced up in the create mode, it's you in the background cheering everyone on...



Commuter's Journal said...

Take time for Kim. We'll be here!

Se'Lah said...

love finding rocks that are heart-shaped.

nice post.

Dawn Supina said...

The simple things truly are the best things, my friend.