Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Plans for the Weekend ?


Did you know that Patti Digh is starting her Creative Life and/or Hot Flash Book Tour this week ?

She and her red boots will be in Madison, CT on Saturday at the RJ Julia Booksellers Store at 11:00am.

Guess where I will be on Saturday at 11:00am ????

Madison is about three hours from home.

David and I are both October babies and we decided that our weekend away to celebrate our birthdays was going to be down there in Connecticut.

So along with some leaf peeping and romance in New England,

I get to see my darling Writer-Lady, Patti in person !!!!!!

Yay !

Big Yay !!!!!



Have you seen her new book yet – Creative is a Verb ? Not only is it beautiful (especially the art work! ;-) ), but it is so inspiring. I am reading my way through it and finding myself nodding and pausing in thought all the time. It has addressed some of the questions I have been reading in Blogland from my friends too. You know, like why should I make art even if I won’t make a “living” at it, or why my art is going through a dry spell, or even how do I become an artist in my own eyes. What I love best about it so far is that it reminds me over and over that this life is all about being creative, and that we are here to “live our entire life as  art”. “If you’re alive, you are creative. If you’re alive, you’re an artist.”

As someone who has finally embraced this about myself, reading about it in Patti’s humorous and story-telling way is a wonderful celebration of that concept ! And plus, the art work is gorgeous…;-)

So I highly recommend the book, and if Patti is headed somewhere near you on her tour, you should drop in for a visit with her. She is an awesome speaker – down to earth, inspiring, funny and heart warming. You will likely leave there feeling like you have connected to another dear heart who really “gets” things about this life.

I know that’s how I feel whenever I connect with my dear friend.

See you Saturday, Miss Patti !!!! Yay !!!


beth said...

i just bet you'll be there a bit before 11am....

have a fun and love filled weekend with lots of cake and ice cream !!!

Kate said...

I am so happy for you. You get to met her twice now how great is that. Alas when you live where I do its too small for any authors to come here. i haven't seen the book but its on my list to get. Have a wonderful time....

Chel said...

I NEED this book! Thank you for pointing it out!!

deb did it said...

Kim, you are so darn adorable!!

Janet said...

This sounds like just the book I need! Enjoy your Saturday at the bookstore. I figure any time spent at a bookstore is good!

Sharon said...

I am so hoping that she comes to Dallas, Houston or OK City! It's not planned as yet, but I've suggested it. ;) I've also just purchased both of her other books, but not that one yet. I think I must have been hoping I'd get to meet her in person at the book tour.

Have fun this weekend. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy some more!

Anonymous said...

You are so LUCKY!! I'm with Sharon all the way - if she came to OKCY (even Dallas or Houston), I'd sooooo be there! Sounds like I need to stop savoring and get after the READING of "Creative is a Verb" - LOVE what I've read so far, but always on the quest for perspectives on the deeper questions (and, of course, the art is simply AMAZING :D).

Enjoy your time with our sweet writer-lady and give her a hug for all of us!!

Elena said...

Oh thanks for sharing! Have an amazing weekend and I'll have to look more into this book.

slommler said...

I know you will have a great time! Meeting Patti and seeing the sights...what more could one ask for??

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy,
I remember how your life changed after having met Patti! How beautiful that your relationship has become so creatively connected in so many ways! Creative angels at work on this planet bringing joy, inspiration and love to all they meet (most of the time:):))!! YAY!!! indeed. Have a wonderful weekend. I love you guys. Mom

Commuter's Journal said...

I had forgotten that you are an October girl, too, Kim. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend down here in CT. If my life wasn't so overscheduled, I'd drive out to Madison and join you. I hope it was great!

martha brown said...

I love this book! I'm an October girl too :) I'm celebrating with you in spirit!