Monday, October 18, 2010

Rock Fairy meets Writer-Lady in Madison, CT.

So I had an awesome Saturday in Madison, CT.ctmadisonsign

David and I headed out Friday and stayed over night at a Days Inn in Branford.

The only good thing about the hotel other than the location was that it was clean. We both commented that they must have had an excellent photographer for their website…but anyway…

We had prepped in lots of little ways for the trip.

From brand new his and hers phones equipped with texting which got wonderfully used for communication between Patti and I (I have been sucked into this new technology now !)…


to the essential Rock Fairy bracelet that was a gift from the author herself last year…


After a semi-okay sleep, we were raring to go and meet Patti and her publisher, Mary Norris, for coffee at R.J. Julia Booksellers before the book event.


This was one of the most beautiful bookstore I have ever been in. Think the children’s “Book Store Around the Corner” from the movie “You’ve Got Mail” for adults times 10 ! Just beautiful and so full of juicy, juicy book goodness !


Of course the first thing we did was go and locate “Creative is a Verb” on the shelf.

We both got such a thrill to see it there and open it to the pages where my art is in the book !


Imagine, going into a bookstore and seeing some thing that you have created there ?!! I can imagine how proud Patti feels when she does that, because I sure felt it when I saw my artwork in her creation. David’s pride in the whole thing filled me up even more ! I was kind of filled to the brim all day !!!


We met Mary and Patti for coffee in the bookstore cafe. I gave my friend a huge hug. It was so good to see her in person and look into her beautiful eyes !

I may not know Patti that well in terms of everyday stuff, but we definitely have a connection that is very special to me.

I feel like I know my Writer-Lady Friend by heart.

And I feel like she knows me that way too.


(Mary Norris and Patti Digh – photo by Patti)

I was also very happy to meet Mary, Patti’s publisher at Globe Pequot Press. She is the one who takes such good care of getting Patti’s visions onto the printed page as well as corraling all the incredible art work that a call for art from Patti brings in.


She brought me a sweet little gift that she found – a perfect heart shaped rock! I was very touched that she thought to bring the Rock Fairy such a perfect little giftie !

After a short but sweet chatting time, we headed upstairs for the oval table book sharing event.  67377_443353102443_609157443_5463909_4216776_n[1]

There was lots of laughing (photo by Mary Norris), 


a few tears, and some creative fun, as Patti shared stories of how her three wonderful books, “Life is a Verb”, “Four Word Self-Help” and “Creative is a Verb” came to be.


(photo by Mary Norris)

We all posed for a photo with the tiny, sweet pink crayon apron that was given to Patti by Sheila, a mom who recently lost her 4 year old daughter to cancer. Donna’s apron and Donna’s spirit will be traveling with Patti on her tour.


There was time for a few photo opts with Patti, so you know I grabbed my chance. Here’s the shots Patti took of the two of us.  Don’t you love how we are even styled perfectly for a photo together ? ;) This one was us with my piece from the book.

(That’s my man hanging out in the background.)


And here we are with the box of Rock My World rocks that Patti is offering as little gifts on the tour as well. Love, love, love that !!!! She also have us some perfect “Creative is a Verb” book marks.

I got my three copies of the book signed. One for me to keep. One for my mom and one for my pal Suzanne. I was asked by Patti and a few others to sign my artwork in the book. That is another first ! It felt  kind of good, you know, like an  acknowledgement of  the care and creativity that goes into creating artwork for publication.

I have been calling myself an artist for a while now, because I know that art and creating are essential to me living the life I want to live. But I have to say that having that title recognized on the outside of myself made me claim the title even more strongly !

Kim de Broin Mailhot, Artist. – that’s me !

Any how, it was a lovely day and I felt so very blessed to be on this planet on this day.


David and I had a yummy late lunch at a local pizza joint after saying goodbye to Patti at the bookstore.

Then we headed to the city beach in Madison, which is right on the Long Island Sound.

The skies and water views were magnificent !


We smooched a little…

(I love this man so very much. He makes me feel so very shiny !)


Found more art in the every day…


and headed back to our clean but not very scenic hotel that we had paid for two nights in advance.

That’s okay…

The dreams were sweet anyway…

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !


Susie Riley said...

Oh, how I loved hearing about your day. Loved your photos at the bottom, love love love love how you are clearly, happily, proudly declaring yourself an artist! such a joyous validation!!

Happy Monday to you as well, you wild, happy, smiling rock-fairy artist!

Olivia said...

These made me feel as though I were there too, My Queen. My favorite though is the one of you and your husband kissing. What a beautiful picture! And what a blessing to be in love with the one you married (both of you)--you can really tell :) You are a wonderful artist, Kim, and I am thrilled about your meeting with Patti. Love, O

Snap said...

YeeHaw!!!!! :D :D :D

beth said...

what a love filled weekend !
it was tangible as i read your words....

and i know the feeling....artist....photographer...why do we have such a hard time calling ourselves the names we deserve ?

hugs to you my artist friend ! i can text you :)

Kate said...


What a lovely post, I loved all the pictures and the stories and the declaration. What a joy to have your art in her book. I can't wait till I can get a copy too. Look how wonderful your life has become. It truly is all about following your heart.

Big Love


Lynn said...

Wow, I am happy for you, what a coup. How exciting to see your work published and with such a terrific author. I have Life is a Verb. Guess I must catch up with the others!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!

dosfishes said...

So exciting to open those books and see your work, which is so recognizable, in an instant to me. Glad you got to spend time with your "heart" friend. xox Corrine

Dawn said...

Sounds like a beautifully perfect day, Kim. How extraordinarily exciting for you as an artist! Congratulations!!
Love from ~
... one of your many fans :)

lynne h said...

ahhh, kim, what a beautiful post... i'm smiling through and through. i love the pics of you - you're so beautiful...

happy week my friend...


arlene said...

Kim, it seems to me that you can call yourself an artist because you create art, and that is true. It's so exciting to see your beautiful art published! I think you can call yourself an artist for another reason, and that is that art creates you too. It's a two way street. You have a whole wide world of friends out here who also feel we "know you by heart". I love that!
Thanks for sharing your magnificent day with us!

Sam said...

Wow what an amazing weekend you had! I can feel the love, excitement and joy in your words! I am so pleased for you and I don't even know you but Your beauty shines through your work and your words and has made me excited just to read about your wonderful experience. Blessings to you x

Anonymous said...

What a perfectly lovely day for a perfectly lovely YOU! Your partnership with Patti tickles me to no end and every time I look at this book I'm reminded of how smart that writer lady is to have picked you to bless its pages!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day with Patti! I just got Creative is a Verb and Four Word Self Help in the mail on Saturday, both signed by Patti. I had my own little party here that day, in a way. ;) Would have been much more fun if I could have been there with you all, but it was not to be. If I ever meet you, I'll ask you to sign my book too. Love the photos you shared with us. Never again forget that you indeed an artist!

Elena said...

Oh Queen I felt giddy just seeing your art in the book and sensing your excitement within your words. That bookstore looked great but love that your mom and hubby were there with you. And that kiss! HOW COOL!!

patti said...

So much goodness surrounding you Kim! Congrats again - you are an amazing artist!

Chel said...

The weekend sounds splendid - well, except the hotel. But I have to admit, I'd take a clean hotel with a crap view over a dirty hotel with a nice view any day :)

rachel awes said...

what a GOOD day!

deb did it said...

You and David are damn adorable! Your haircut is precious. You deserve every ounce of this success. The Rock Fairy lives all over my house, my car, my backpack. I love you Kim, oh Queen of HeArts!

Poetryqn said...

You looked like you were pinwheeling joy, Kim. Congratulations!

slommler said...

I hate being disappointed by a hotel! It is such a bummer...especially when on special trips! Sigh!!
How exciting...a book signing and your art work front and center. So cool!!!
Looks like a fabulous time was had by all!!

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
It's just so exciting!! I am glowing for you being featured in the book. WOW--thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Tess said...

OMGosh Kim, What a fantastic adventure. This book is definitely going on my Christmas wish list. An early new years resolution. To give my peeps a Christmas wish list of items I really want to help me in my everyday art journey. Hey, the kids and grand always give me a list, why not me give them one?! The images here are so sweet. So many happy faces. I loved the shore line photos, fantastic adventure.

Sherry said...

I'm so THRILLED that you had that opportunity -- to be in Patti's company, to share on the journey and to recognize and realize that you are, and always have been AN ARTIST ♥

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Love getting a glimpse of your glorious adventures - how exciting!! So thrilled for you!

michelle ward said...

what? WHAT? yeeps, i was so behind on reading up on you....and gasped out loud when i got this very exciting moment....being in the book, going to the event, meeting the author/friend, OH MY. i am bursting with joy for you and this Rock Star Moment. well deserved my dear. may it fuel good vibes for a very long time. xoxo

Kim G said...

Thank you, thank you for your beautiful post. Luckily, Patti came to San Diego yesterday and I was able to meet her as well as several artists who had work in her books. It was an afternoon of laughter and tears (Donna's apron) and I treasure my little stone ("draw it to you") that seems made just for me.

Roberta said...

Wow! What a glorious day! From sharing those special moments with Patti (yeah, she rocks :-) and signing your artist name to your art (VERY cool!) and ending with a big and lovely smooch on the beach with a handsome man!!! I say that is one perfect day...
SO happy for you, Kim! Treasure those days, and the sweet memories you made!

All the best,