Tuesday, September 20, 2011

“The joy lasted all day.”

The September 2011 Katie photo shoot was done :



Three and a half, cute as can be, extremely confident and hilarious.

The family came together in a rag tag kind of way, with each of us taking part, some definitely going above and beyond…


and the cottage at Lac Bibitte got a beautiful new roof…


(Huge thanks to my Uncle Charlie, cousins Matt and Simon, and to the awesome Bro-in-law, John, who made it all happen ! Big love to you amazing guys !)

With a drive home that put me in my own bed as of Sunday night at 11:00pm, the roof raising weekend was done.

Maybe it was the night time drive or the day in the cool fall air, but I had some really interesting dreams on Sunday night.

While the details are getting fuzzier and fuzzier, I remember being on a kind of reality show where you had to slide down a big hill, run up another and when you reached the top and touched the diamond rock face in front of you, you would be told what your challenge would be.

When I touched the rock, I learned that I was going to be “reborn”, whatever that meant.

What I do know is that I was completely overjoyed with that challenge, and I was sobbing “I am going to be reborn. I am going to be reborn!” with tears of joy running down my face…

Told you it was interesting…Winking smile

That dream kind of lingered in my mind all day yesterday as I came in for a landing after my whirlwind weekend.

And it inspire this morning’s art journal page :





Not sure what the dream meant but I like the idea of being filled with joy that way.

I am going to go with it today as best I can, as I spend some time getting some things ready for my “Walking into Fire” adventure next weekend, and into creating some new things in the studio.

Like the last of the blooms on my annuals, I am going to take advantage of the day.


Happy Tuesday !


Dianne said...

What a cutie! And that cottage looks like heaven! A dream that you will be reborn... and your soul must know it is to be a happy rebirth or why would you be crying tears of joy? A joyful rebirth... I would be looking forward to that as well...

Chel said...

BEAUTIFUL- Katie and the journal page ;) And the light is *so* autumn. I'm a little envious- we're still at the tail end of summer here, although there's a tiny breeze that sometimes will spark out of nowhere and remind me just a few more weeks.... just a few more weeks!

jgr said...

What a great post! It must be a good feeling to have a new roof on your cottage and OH that Kate is super-cute. Now: Your journal page is one of the best and what a cool dream to have. Joy in all directions and you deserve it!!

Kathy said...

Well, this was hugely inspirational! Loved it and your journal page. That little Katie is as cute as can be. Loved this. - Kathy

Kate said...

Katie is really growing up, what a sweetheart. Great journal page, I love how you just went with the dream, and embraced its message. The journal page is wonderful, Its great how you took your reams message and made it truly real by doing a page on it. It makes me realize how those small ideas we put into our art really do create big things in our lives. I love that the Joy lasted all day long.

Hugs to you my friend.

Snap said...

Katie just gets cuter and cuter. Dreams are interesting things ... No?!!!!!!

Janet said...

Katie is adorable. And the cottage looks like a wonderful place to get away from it all. How nice that everyone pitched in and got the roof done.

Your journal page about your dream is beautiful. Now you'll always have a little reminder of it and maybe the joy will just continue on day after day.

Sherry Smyth said...

I love that dream!!! And I love that you were able to journal it and keep the joy going. I think the challenge of being "re born" is one of beauty...and I know that you are on to the next stage...your dream told you so!!

Oh my gosh...Katie is looking so much older now -- she's losing that baby look and she's still, as always, gorgeous!!

Marit said...

What a special dream you had Kim! I know the feeling of waking up from a good (or bad) dream and the feeling that stays all day. You made a glorious page about it! (Love the lettering - did you use a dip pen?) The photos of Katie are so cute... glad you enjoyed the weekend. I clicked on the 'walking into fire' link to find out what it held in store... sounds really interesting, inspiring, fun, educational and totally something for YOU!

beth said...

oh those dreams....and cripes that page you made is AMAZING !!

i dream about being the journal artist that you are !


Janet Bocciardi said...

I read this post this morning and smiled. I'm still smiling.

elizabeth said...

I like that cottage!

I love when you wake up from a good dream and the happiness from it lingers all day. Not so much when it goes the other way.

Happy Tuesday!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

So much to say here - No - No - No No - Katie can not possibly look that grown up! Your cottage at Lac Bibite makes me mourn the time spent at mine this summer. I am still having some "pangs" at the thought. And mostly, I had weird, weird dreams Sunday night as did many other people I know. Must have been something in the air...I am glad you travelled safely and are back in your studio processing it all into beautiful colours.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Wow, can she really be tht old and oh so adorable!!! You are the creator of your life sweet Kim, you are always being reborn, every time you draw and paint these pages of joy and fullness. xox Corrine