Monday, September 26, 2011

Wheeeeee, all the way home !

I find that when I step away from my regularly scheduled life and experience three days of amazing things like I just have, I am challenged by what to exactly to share when there was so very much that happened to me ! It is also a challenge to convey the amazement that I feel about my experiences.

As I sat down to write this post, I was facing that challenge.

I thought I might find some help from the photos that I took.

But it turns out that I actually took very few. And some of the photos I did take were kind of silly or rather mundane. They didn’t seem to have a lot  little “meat” to them.


(The purple ceiling at the Armory Building in Somerville, MA, where the retreat was held.)


(Part of the ceiling and the sign over the Cambridge baaw (in my best Boston accent done by a Canadian) that we went to after the retreat.)

But wait a minute !


(The molten chocolate lava cake that Susie ordered for us from room service at 10:30pm when having some chocolate was absolutely necessary!)


(The amazing Susie Riley in the flesh, with her kooky orange sunglasses purchased on a previous adventure we had together, doing her Susie on a Stick pose.)

Maybe some of those pics are a little meaty for the imagination !!! Winking smile

But they don’t really convey what I experienced or loved most about the weekend.

In the end, I decided to make a list of the top ten things I came away from the weekend with (in a random order).


Susie and me in the Cambridge Mariott  rooftop garden.

1. The number one thing that I loved about the whole weekend was sharing time with some really, really shiny, talented, open, and brave people. I met so many of them throughout the weekend ! The time with my friends, Susie Riley and Patti Digh, was especially good for my heart. I love those two women a lot.

2. I was moved by how many people came up to me and let me know that a rock that I had marked with a word or two of love had made its way into their life and touched them. Sometimes, very deeply. It made me feel so very grateful to be a part of something so beautiful.

3. I appreciated learning that while writing is an important part of my creative process, I know that I am an Artist first and foremost. That is where my passion lies.

4. I loved sitting at the baw, drinking a cold Stella, with Susie as she sips her Guinness, and tawkin’ and tawkin’…

5. I learned that I really want to work on being a better, more attentive listener.

6. I confirmed, once again,  as a result of this weekend, that I really need a community of like-minded people in my life to keep me well. Sharing and connecting with others fills me up ! I know that I will keep on building that, and being a part of a meaningful, creative community both on-line and in person wherever and whenever I can.


(rock left in the rooftop garden of the Cambridge Marriot)

7. Taking bits and pieces from what three very different but all very creative women  (Jen Louden, Sue Piver and Patti Digh) shared about their own creative process, and seeing where I can improve, or enrich my own.

8. Brainstorming with two women that I really respect as creative beings about where the Rock Fairy will be flying to next…

9. Getting confirmation over and over again that while I cannot control the circumstances of my life, I always have the choice in how I will react to them. Happiness is a choice. And I want to choose it whenever I can.

10. Having a nice long, wonderfully silly lunch with Susie and Patti on Sunday afternoon, and waking up this morning with aching ab muscles (I actually have those. Who knew ??!!) because of all the laughing we did !!!

(Susie, Kim, Patti – photo by Patti Digh and borrowed from 3X3X365)

For those 10 things and all the other ones that are inside of me as a result of my three days away, I am truly grateful.


As my wise friend Susie would say,

I am one Lucky Bitch.


Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones.


Susie Riley said...

I love this post. I love you. Thank you for the past few days and all that transpired within them. Here's to ab muscles and writing and late-night chocolate and community and friends! xoxoxs

Sherry Smyth said...

I feel inspired just reading this list Kim. And hearing about your experiences outside your everyday life. I love Susie's great glasses!! I love the smiles on each of your faces, and on Patti's face.

I'm glad it was such an amazing 3 days of your life! xo

Dianne said...

So glad you had fun... I'm envious of you and all the others taking off to retreats and expos and shows. I'll get to do it one of these days, but for now I choose to be happy with the time I have to spend with my hubby.

patti said...

What fun you have had Kim!

Friends, chocolate and laughter - wonderful!

Paula said...

What an absolutely amazing three days! I am so glad that you had them, beautiful lady! Yes, yes, yes to the idea that we need to surround ourselves with these paper.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I could hear the happy in your voice in your email this morning, now I can see it radiate from your whole body. xox Corrine

Kate said...

Wonderful, I am glad you got to connect and have a fab time too!

Tikva said...

WOW, OK, first... an artsy meet up to learn things not far from me?!?! How do I find out about these things?? Then, WOW, looks like you had so much fun!! I'm so glad :c) Great pics!!

Nadeja said...

Beautiful pictures Kimmy!!! It really is inspiring to see all things good and list them for all to see!!! I love you you my #1 daughter.

Anonymous said...

I love your summary! It was truly everything you mentioned and more! How is it possible that 60+ individuals can bond so well, under a purple ceiling, in front of three amazing teachers?! I'm still in awe. I got my 'Rock Fairy' stone from you on Saturday, but even better, was watching my two daughters receive one from Patti on Sunday. Thank you for sharing your creative heart with us! I hope to see you soon!

lynne h said...

yeah, uh huh, and i am one lucky bitch to know you! feel your heart shinin' way over here...

this just looks like it was the best, my dear big heart... learning and loving and sharing... i know that it's not easy to encapsulate three days, but i think you did a damn fine job.



jgr said...

Wonderful pics Kim, it looks like you had a BLAST! You three look totally happy, it's great to see such smiles and ooh that chocolate looks SO yummy.

Mary said...

chocolate, food for the body, community, food for the soul...

oh wait...chocolate is food for the soul too i think... :)

you had one fabulous weekend!!

Marit said...

A few photo's, 10 'lovely facts, and you described it all! It was like being there with you girl... your post made me happy!

Purpletreebird said...

What an amazing time you must have had! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much it hurt. Lovely friends. :)
Jess xx

rebecca said...

i have been looking forward to your post reflecting on your time away.thank you for sharing your "top ten" list. i recently returned from time in s.f. and mendocino. this is where i lived "before" my disease process reared its ugly head. i wondered what it would be like, returning to the last taste of life when i was remarkably healthy and life seemed teaming with possibilities. i am just forming words to begin to describe and share this "homecoming". certainly there were awakenings much like yours and a reaffirmation to strengthen my ties in a supportive and uplifting creative community.

thank you for your reflections here and your bright and necessary place in my heart.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What an absolute panic that weekend must have been. So like you to feel the gratitude, it brings you so much richness and light. I am glad that it all came together for you.

beth said...

you are such an inspiration...and that list is brilliant. i actually would love to steal #5 when i write about my weekend get-away...if that's okay with you.

here's a hug....
a sweet kiss on the cheek hug...
just for you....
beautiful you.