Friday, July 19, 2013

Haiku My Heart–Beach Time





Those ocean blue skies

Waves soothe and tickle my heart

My parasol day.



As I sat under my parasol yesterday at Ogunquit Beach in Maine,

I was struck so many times

by how very, very blessed I was to be enjoying such a day.

It was hot but there was a glorious sea breeze.

The water was an unusual 70 degrees and a delight to swim in.

I was with some dear friends,

and I was free to do whatever I wanted!

It was a truly joy-filled day.

I am so grateful to live so close to the ocean and all its treats !

Thanks to Suzanne and Nathalie for sharing their beach day with me.


I hope your weekend is full of joyous treats, Beautiful Ones !

Big love !


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Anonymous said...

you and your parasol are a breath of fresh air! Love that you had such a luxurious and free kind of day. Happy weekend -- love you! xo

Priti.Lisa said...

Hi Kim
I almost felt envy...
it's been sooo looong since I was near the water.
But then I saw all of the others,
so many people!
I am just happy for my own backyard.
And solitude.
You are so beautiful!

Spadoman said...

I am so happy that you had a glorious beach day. Your haiku speaks of soothing your heart, but the photo tells me your being was soothed by the visit to the ever powerful water.

Much Peace

Dawn Elliott said...

I imagine that there is just a small window of time when one can enjoy summer at the beach in Maine! What a delightful treat!!!

rebecca said...

i love the way your umbrella kissed the sky mirroring a pool of splendid blue!
the way you found joy in each unfolding moment,
with friends by the sea.

and the way you are so generous
to always give to us what is given to you!


Stephanie said...

looks like heaven!! Those colorful umbrellas, blue water and warm sand

vicariously enjoying your weekend!

Norma Ruttan said...

such a delightful image of the colorful parasol! I love the gratitude you show and am happy you experienced such a day.

Karen said...

Beach days are always good for the soul!

gma said...

Something about the sea breeze that blows all cares away. Don't ya love the feeling of sand in your toes?

judie said...

I love the beach also. But early morning when it's just me and the gulls....or evening near sunset when lovers walk hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

How lovely

rachel awes said...

looks amazing! so happy for you! xox

Fallingladies said...

The beach umbrella alone speaks so much of wonder filled beach days.... I do miss the beach but any water will do for me... River, lake, long as i can get my toes in it! Glad for YOUR wonder filled day!

lynne h said...

happy sun and beach days my dear Big Heart!!!


deb did it said...

Sun kissed Queen of Arts
Under striped parasol
You are in Heaven

beth said...

oh how i wish i lived closer to the beach, to the water, to you.....xo

Nadeja said...

OMG you are beautiful and magnificent, Blessed, and very loved. Another wonderful post! Love you so much, Mom

Cinner said...

you look beautiful Kim, The beach would be a wonderful treat. think of you often, just know you are in my thoughts. hugs.

Anonymous said...

Delightful post and fantastic photos ~ all showing the wonderful 'ambiance' of your day at the ocean ~ Happy Weekend to you ^_^

Anonymous said...

"My parasol day" is perfect!

Lea said...

What a beautiful day, reflected in your face, haiku, and photos... to be held in that warm sand and water... pure summer bliss!

Corrine at said...

I was doing the same with my arty bunch and I could not believe the ocean and the need for shade. Looks like you had it covered perfectly. xox

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Oh, how we all need those parasol days!

Barbs of Loneliness

Annie said...

Call me crazy but now I have The Hollies' "Bus stop, bus stop under my umbrella" dancing through my head.