Friday, September 27, 2013

Haiku My Heart–I am the Artist








The light is in me.

It flows out into my world.

I am the Artist.


Here we are Friday already.

This week has been all about me.

Selfish, eh ?

No, not really.

Self-serving, yes!

In the very best sense of these words!

I re-found my Artist spirit.

I journaled and painted.

I spent time with some friends who understand the value of creative time.

I spent time with a friend who really gets me and sees my shiny.

I slept late, made my Honey laugh, hugged and loved him tight, though the bumps that life brings us.

I let go of some hurt/”please love me”  issues that have been plaguing me.

The very, very best thing of all is that

I rediscovered my own power

to make this life a reflection of the brilliant, powerful being that I am.

I remembered how frickin’ Awesome I am !

Huge stuff, right ?

From the outside, nothing would seem to have changed in my life this week.

But on the inside?


Now to take this rediscovery,

and my big bad awesome Self,

and continue on my bittersweet, glorious life journey.

Can you tell I am excited ?

Remember, you are the Artists, Beautiful Ones.

Color your world !


For more Haiku loving, visit the amazingly inspiring Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon.


Stephanie said...

Indeed ARE the artist. Thank you for sharing your artists journey.

Kate Robertson said...


I love the I am the artist quote. I think I need to save that for future use. I am assuming you wrote it, so I will add your name. Lovely art piece too. It seems very minimalist. I like the simplicity of it all. I love the tree and the doodle on the right. Amazing work.

Happy Friday


Anonymous said...

Oh, O I love this. S omuch power and positive vines!

Anonymous said...

Such huge stuff ARE the artist and as I said on your facebook page...I say it here as well...damn this is good stuff!!! love you! xo

foxysue said...

I'm loving your words here Kim, may I borrow them for I need some of that self-talk, you know what I mean?
Thank you. x

Anonymous said...

Your artist is glowing ~ lovely haiku and beautiful art ~ you are inspiring ~ carol ^_^

gma said...

How is it that we so often forget our awesomeness? This journal entry is a beautiful reminder.

Anonymous said...

Most beautiful re-affirmation of self. xox

Dawn Elliott said...

This is so powerful!!!
I was awe struck when I saw what you'd been working on, but the narrative was amazing! We all need to remind ourselves - regularly - that we do share the light with our work...and even for all of our short-comings, we are totally AWESOME anyway! Beautiful!

Laura said...

good for you Kim... it is to easy to forget this, for our light to hide... what a gift to ourselves and all beings when we are able to find it breaking through the shadows again. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Mary said...

This and you, beautiful!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wonderful affirmation!
Yes we are...hear us ROAR!!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wonderful affirmation!
Yes we are...hear us ROAR!!

nacherluver said...

Now THAT felt good. Bravo to you warrior woman! You ARE an artist. And a wonderful one at that.

nacherluver said...

Now THAT felt good. Bravo to you warrior woman! You ARE an artist. And a wonderful one at that.

nacherluver said...
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Janet said...

You most definitely are the artist! Keep that light glowing inside of you and your world will be transformed. You are beautiful, loved, and creative!

Chel said...

love love love this post- a reminder to keep our inner fires BURNING BRIGHT

beth said...

you are THE artist and holy crap i want to learn to make those !!!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are selfish with YOU when you need it and not afraid to take what you need and then tell us about it....gosh, i love that about you !!!!

your honey is so very lucky to have you!!....xoxo

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Yes, you are!

Cindy said...

Hi Kim, what an exhilerating post, you are the artist and you are one beautiful soul. I have missed you much my friend. I am back in blog land again. hugs.

rebecca said...

completely love infused!
thank you for your re awakening. your light and always,
your love

Marit said...

Kim, what an awesome post to read and what a great message you bring! I start my week with a huge smile now and am happy my soul sister feels good! I hope to come across a similar feeling in the week ahead... although the journey is long and hard

Jess said...

Your joy pours out onto the page and hops straight out at me! Lovely post Kim, lovely journal page!xx

somepinkflowers said...

i love this so much
i can hardy Stand it !!

i so get your ~~shiny~~
& feel as if a similar Thing,
an awakening,
is happening to moi, 2 !!

{{ i think it is difficult
to find room
to Let Go & Create
when one
is carrying a Heavy Load ...

i know that is my case
this means Art
comes Last Thing
of the day
when i am way way too tired
i am Working on it
watching you ~*Blossom*~
in your Art
& holding true
to who you are
with your own
charming style !!

your art is just coming alive
with personality,
i must say !!

just plan *LOVE*
what you are doing
up & over there, missy !! }}

somepinkflowers said...

{{{ an artist, indeed !! }}}