Thursday, November 14, 2013

Share the Joy Thursday–Round here…

From this week’s Joy List :


1. Princess Chumba Whumba, (Pumpkin), the bedroom cat, who gives the best nose to nose kisses ev’ah!


2. Azzy ,(Aslan) who is Puss in Boots cute even upside down !


3. Boo, (Cosmos), my talking Black Beauty of a kitty, who loves to join me in the studio, whether I like it or not.


4. The beautiful Chica-leeka-lulu,(Chiquitita), who dreams of squirrel catching through the closed studio doors.

(Why do we bother giving our pets real names when we end up having a bazillion nick names for them ?!)


5. Having creative time in the studio and being visited by new Rock Beings !

It feels good to have some new things in my Etsy shop as well.


Rock Being – Who Are You ? (SOLD)


Rock Being – Little Wise One 

(Available in my Etsy shop)

6. Finding beauty in the darkening season, even if it isn’t my favorite !


Moon through the bare trees, 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon. (toooooo early for dark!)


Focusing on the joy and small graces is such a comfort in these chaotic, challenging times. I think it is actually our biggest, most important work during our time here on the planet.

Thanks to my friend Meri for bringing joy into focus every Thursday !

Share the Joy Thursday at Love, Meri.

Have a joyous Thursday, Beautiful Ones !


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Joyful rock faces - some of my favourite things to look at! It has been so darn cold here for early November. Today I am happy my root canal is done (just the final work at my regular dentist now) and I have voddie for tonight when I can soak myself in a hot tub! Oh, a massage booked with Maria tomorrow! Heavenly day!

Anonymous said...

Love all the faces you shared today. xox

Karen said...

Lot's of joy in all those faces!

Anonymous said...

You are surrounded by so much joy...and I'm laughing at the furry nicknames...which is as charming as their "real" names! xo

Cathy Keller said...

The cat reminds me of my Simba and Sissy!!! So feisty, playful, and mischievous!!! Have a grand weekend!