Friday, November 15, 2013

Haiku May Heart–Filling up



Fill the inside up

With joy, love and gratitude.

I need to start from there.



Working really hard here to keep my insides filled with the good stuff.

This darkening season is always a challenge for me.

I have picked up my gratitude journal and placed it by the bed, so the last thing I do at night is write a few things I am grateful for that day.

I have re-dedicated myself to my meditation practice, with the help of Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s Desire and Destiny 21 Day Meditation.

Next steps include bundling myself up and getting outside everyday for some daylight, even as my body cringes at the idea of the cold right now.

And also working with cutting back on comfort foods and sugar and putting nourishing stuff inside this one vehicle I have to get me through life.

I think the one thing I really, really have to work on is having self-compassion.

Even if I was to do everything in my power to help myself with my seasonal depression symptoms, (in other words, be perfect ! Winking smile),

there will always be days when the dark over takes the light.

After about 30 years of this, I know that to be true for me.

I need to learn to give myself compassion on those days, especially.

And keep looking towards the light.

Fill your insides up with the good stuff, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Friday!

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Stephanie said...

I love how you are taking care of yourself...I am out the door right now for my morning hour of yoga

so very important to do things that nurture US so that we can nurture others


Anonymous said...

It is our self-compassion that fuels us on the bright days and the dark days. Having come to more fully embracing my own self-compassion I know it is possible and I'm sending you good thoughts, prayers and love that you embrace yours more fully every day. love you xo

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful and loving haiku and sending you lots of healing hugs for your daily journey ~ I need to do all that you posted ~ have been practicing awhile and still have my 'moments' when the negative creeps in ~ be yourself ~ you are a gift! ~ carol, xxx

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

sometimes you say all the things I feel but don't say. I have been trying to work on self compassion's baby steps and as with baby steps it's a learning curve to stay upright and run forward.

Spadoman said...

You do such a fantastic job of lifting the spirits of those that call out with any kind of need. I know, I am one of those people. You have a way to tell me, in writing, to be upbeat. Believe me, many times i was lost and your words reminded me that I need to have more self-compassion and do good for myself.
Like the mechanic whose car doesn't run good, or the psychologist that is nuts, it seems so hard to do what we do, as a habit for others, for ourselves.
You show us a good side, a positive side, an upbeat part of yourself. Now, show that side to yourself. Put your head in the sunshine when the opportunity arises, even if it is the inside of a window.
As you know, I personally use the windshield, but those chances are diminishing for me these days. Just know that Grandfather Sun is there every day, no matter what. Imagine seeing him and greeting him with the faith that he is there. This time of the year, he is traveling South. He'll be back.

Peace, Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

I hear you Kim...the same for me. I realized though, that in the summer, sometimes I get "those" feelings I am trying to feel the good, put the past behind(which I thought I had) and just deal with feelings. Loving ourselves is the only way to survive this world...the only way. Love you Kim. We can hold hands and get through cyber-space♥ ♥ ♥

Joyfulploys said...

Kim, lovely haiku...good words...from the inside out! I dislike this darkening season also. I plan to check out the meditation practice you mention. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good for you that you are choosing self compassion. I am wishing you happy meditations and good walks, cold or not. I am really starting to hate the long darkness too. Getting me some sun lights for SADD. xox

Anonymous said...

I applaud all your preemptive tools that you have lined up and ready to go. May I suggest one more thing? Re-name the season. Calling it the "darkening season" or the "season of darkness" leaves a low vibration in the body. Re-name it and re-claim it!! Maybe call it the "season of fire light-light" or "the time of inward light". Something that feels cozy and indulgent and not void and heavy. Just a thought.
Much love and support to you

Fallingladies said...

i left a long comment but I was apparently using the wrong internet provider, it said it wasn't compatible ( never had that problem before) and now don't remember what i said....anyway, i know i did say how much i am loving all the things you have been creating lately!and i have to assume I said something that would be insightful and helpful and clever of course, yes, i am sure it was clever... so just imagine how you would feel if you had read something kind, quirky yet sophisticated and of course generous and thoughtful, and then pretend I made you feel that way! There.... Job done!