Thursday, July 31, 2014

Local Flora


Getting to know the local flora and fauna.

Big learning curve after a whole life spent living in the North East.

Loved finding that the indoor plant I used to love up there, the Crown of Thorns, or Maddy as I called her (thorny plant with little red round flowers in the bottom of the shot), grows joyfully outside here in FL, as well as in Madagascar.

Never been to Madagascar. That’s what the plant care label said on the plant I had up North.

Maddy also grows really well in my Mom’s front window.

I know this because my mom still has the plant I bought about twenty years ago and gave to her when I moved to NH 14 years ago.

It’s huge and very healthy.

That’s how I knew she would take good care of my cat Boo, when he needed a new home too.

Hee !


Happy to report that my beautiful Mom and the sweet black Boo are living happily ever after in Montreal.

Boo says he loves his new Momma very much


and only misses the white dog a little bit.

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !



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Kim Andersen said...

I have one on my windowsill too - it's very scrawny though - does your mom have a secret to keeping it happy? Besides love of course ;)