Monday, February 16, 2009

Two For One : An LK-Inspired Post

So LK at The Poetic Eye has been a real source of inspiration for me lately. She has these great new prompts every Friday and today she shook things up and challenged us to have a Music Week on our blogs. She also mentioned how she finally feels like she has awaken from a long winter's nap and I have been feeling very much the same was for the last week or so. I think it is a result for my Love Therapy Week...but whatever it is, I sure like this Kim a lot better than the gloomy chick that was hanging out here about a month ago !

So here is my Two for One LK-Inspired post for today :

For the Friday Prompt, LK encouraged us to dive into our hoard of goodies (you know you have one !!!) and use up something we have been holding onto for a special occasion or a particularly rainy day.

In my hoard file were some pieces of gorgeous "painted papers" I got from Anne Bagby when I went to the art retreat taught by her and Lynne Perrella in Mexico two years ago. Anne was very generous with her supplies and gave us all samples of these magnificent papers spray painted and stamped with her own carved stamps. They were thin and pliable, wonderful for collage as she used un-waxed deli paper as the base for her paint (still haven't found a source for this - she said Sam's Club carried it but I don't have a membership there). I still had a few pieces that I was holding to in my painted paper hoard.

What better time to use my treasures than when I want to show some love to a few of my friends. I used them to make these two cards :

The "grass" background is the painted papers from Anne. The stamp she used was inspired by Klimt's work - geometric shapes that are repeated over and over in details of his work. Isn't it gorgeous ? The flowers are made of some of my own painted papers as are the turquoise backgrounds.

Well now these treasures of mine will grace these cards going to a couple of my really good friends, offering up some spring time hope as the days slowly get longer and we awaken more and more from that long winter's nap !

And speaking of waking up, GET YOUR BOOGIE SHOES ON !!!!! Listen to this catchy, hip-inspiring song and get to wiggling, my friends ! Sing along too ! The chorus is easy to follow anyway !!!

(Photo from

(The video was embed disabled but just follow the link to watch it ! Don't forget you boogie shoes !)

Happy Monday !


Anonymous said...

What treasures..I can see why you saved those papers so long...but you made AMAZING projects with everything!

Cold, rainy and gloomy here a bout wanting to get out of hibernation! Yuck.

Sherry said...

What a catchy tune...made me smile!!

I love this post and your work of course, but I love the idea of digging into the "stash", of what's being saved for that special occasion...gosh, we do this all the time, don't we? And then someone reminds us (thank you very much!) to "use" it -- because we are a special occasion!!! ♥

Commuter's Journal said...

Oh, yum! Love what you've done with Anne's papers, Kim. It takes courage to use the good stuff, but of course, that's what life should be about, right? I hate using fine materials because it cramps my creative style -- I find I'm being "careful." So much better to do what you've done here.

A thought on the deli paper -- restaurant supply houses carry it, ditto online distributors. (Another good option is freezer paper.) The only problem is that they don't sell these papers in small quantities, as far as I know. But here's an idea -- why not ask your local deli if you can buy a few sheets from them to experiment with?

Sandy..... said...

Love the flowers! They are so bright and cheery. A sign of the spring to come. I, too, have a small stash of "special stuff" that you save from that "special" project. Why do we do that? They are ALL special! All creations of the heart!

Debbie said...

Those cards are lovely! What a great use for the papers.

Anonymous said...

and it didn't hurt to use the treasures??? are you sure? Maybe I cold stand to do that, then....

Genie Sea said...

Oooh! Lovely cards! The Scissor Sisters never fail to bring me glee! :)

Cheers for every day being a special occasion. :)

LK said...

I get my deli paper at costco- send me your address and I will mail you an envelope.

LK said...

an envelope of deli paper, not an empty envelope.

Seth said...

Both of these cards are really fantastic! Great use of color, composition, and all that great paper!

Anonymous said...

GREAT cards, Kim! How cool that you were inspired to use papers that were so meaningful to you... and I'm sure they'll be meaningful to the recipients, too! Thanks for your lovely comments re: the valentines hearts and portion control... isn't Michelle a wonderful source of inspiration?!? Have a terrific day, girlfriend! xoxo

carolyn said...

these cards are so cool and i bet your friends are going to love to receive them. they remind me of happy poppies. the papers are beautiful and good for you for using them up! i am a hoarder and really need to work on using up my things that are one-of-a-kind. they do no good sitting in a drawer!
i get a huge box of deli paper at BJs but i don't know if it's the kind you need. i just checked the box and it says "dry waxed paper". is this the kind that works?
if so i can you send you a whole bunch of it. it comes in a big box of 500 sheets. i took a class with kelly kilmer and she used it to layer in between her journal pages. now i use it to wrap david's sandwiches for lunch!