Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Filled up with friendship…

So I went walkabout.

seaside, january2011,beth 226

seaside, january2011,beth 227

I walked way out of the usual box.

(I flew even ! Winking smile)

seaside, january2011,beth 020

I had some friends walk about with me…


Like Laurie and Deb, two friends who came together from Texas with their big old hearts opened wide,

And Debi, who came from Texas, all on her own, and whose heart pretty much exploded with all the good loving being shared…

seaside, january2011,beth 133

And lovely Beth, who met us wherever we were, and shared her space and her sweet, sweet heart with us so graciously…

seaside, january2011,beth 166

Our amazing Seaside destination provided a perfect backdrop (in spite of the cold),

seaside, january2011,beth 007

And Baby, we rocked it out !!!

Photo 40

There was silliness and giggles.

There were stories and secrets shared in a loving surround of trust.

There was a camera in your face half of the time !

There was art.

There was food created with nourishing love.

There was sunshine and sand, and winds colder than a witch’s tit !

Yep, my walkabout had it all.

And I came home with my heart filled up with friendship.

seaside, january2011,beth 112

seaside, january2011,beth 139

seaside, january2011,beth 142

and even a little sand between my toes.

I have big love and gratitude for my walkabout friends, Debi, Deb, Laurie (no blog but man, can that girl cook !), and especially our hostess, Beth for sharing the adventure with me.

Settling back in to the white snow (6 inches due to fall today in NH on top of the 18 inches I missed last week) instead of the white sands will be made easier with the memories and lessons of this walkabout time floating in my head…



dosfishes said...

Looks liek yo had a fantastic time despite the cold. Love that rocked out photo!!! xox Corrine

Sherry said...

Glad you had such a restorative soul time with friends and good food and good drink and art and laughter...and right now, I wish I was standing on that beach...just hearing the waves and the wind (and a little kiss kiss!!!) made me feel good on this dreary, dull winter day!! ♥

dragonflyreflections said...

Looks (and sounds) perfectly lovely Miss Kim!!

beth said...

i love love love your video.....and didn't even realize you were taking it !

but oh it looks cold...it WAS cold that day, wasn't it ?

if only we all could have played later into the weekend when seaside was truly the warm seaside i love.....

i'm so lucky to have met and hugged you in person. i know how happy you are to be back home and i know what a big deal it was for you to fly here all alone. i'm so proud of you.

i hope the memories we all shared will always have a spot in your heart.

i was you yesterday. a rock fairy. leaving so many of your rocks around town. thank you for leaving that gift of you behind that i'm now sharing with others.....


Kate said...

Love the little ocean movie, the walk on the beach looked so lovely... Great photos I can see that good times were had by all. Welcome back...


Corinne said...

Welcome back :) Looks and sounds like a fabulous time... so happy for you!!

Chel said...

amazing, amazing, amazing

and I love those shoes!

Rita Vindedzis said...

Sounds like you had an incredible time despite the cold temps. :-)

Elena said...

Oh I LOVE IT! I've been craving water and your video soothed my heart. Thank you thank you. Love the rocks and silliness and friendships formed. Awesome.

deb did it said...

oh Kim...what a blast of a photo journey...this is a wonderful collection of our memories together.....all of our hearts have been cracked open, and now I continue to gather the fond memories...KEEP WARM Queen of HeARTS...love knowing ya!

deb did it said...

FABULOUS video....muwwwaaah...~kiss back at ya~

d smith kaich jones said...


18 inches of snow?!! plus more?

methinks you need some more beachtime . . . .

:) Debi

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You did it! And it was great, wasn't it?! Alas, back to the cold reality of NH. But there is warmth in your house and your heart and you can toast your toes there for a while. I has been fun watching this trip via all of you!

patti said...

A beautiful windswept beach! I'm so glad you enjoyed every moment with friends Kim, they're the sweetest moments!

arlene said...

Stepping out of the box is always rewarding! I wish I could step out and onto a beach!

jgr said...

Welcome back dear Kim, I missed you! So glad your trip was wonderful, I'm a little envious of those lucky friends who got to hug you in person.
-I love the beach photos and video- just what I needed because we even had snow/ice here!

Marit said...

Welcome back! It was worth the flight as I look at the photos!!! Ohhh, I get homesick seeing the sea and sand between your toes... but I will greet the sea in 2 days from now.. can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Kimmy, Thank you for your gift of sharing. I am awed by your creativity and love. Your are amazing and I love you so very much.

rachel awes said...

i love the love fest!
haaaaappy for dear you!

Karin Bartimole said...

Thanks for taking us on a bit of the walkabout with you and your heart pals Kim! I'm smiling and feeling warm inside, in spite of the frigid gray world outdoors!
xoxo K

slommler said...

Welcome home! What a blessing to have such precious memories now in your head and your heart!
Love the pics! And to see sand and surf is such a pleasure!
Sorry about the snow!!