Friday, April 1, 2011

Haiku My Heart–No Fooling !




April Fool’s Day Snow.

The joke is on you, White Stuff.

Come Monday, You MELT!


Okay, it is kind of beautiful.

At least, I have chosen to see it that way.

Knowing that the temperatures are supposed to be in the 50’s on Monday helps me to see it that way.

So does the fact that I have the whole day to spring clean my closet and then to paint in the studio.

I guess a snow day on April 1st isn’t so bad !

Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !

I hope you choose beauty today too !

go and enjoy some more heavenly haiku at rebecca's blog, recuerda mi corazon


michelle ward said...

omg! i was wondering if you got the gorgeous, the view and your attitude.
your generous box arrived. thank you my sweet friend. LOVE MY ROCKS and all the socks (especially the skully)!!! xoxo

beth said...

you won't forget this april 1st for a few years :)

Life with Kaishon said...

We are getting some right now. Big fluffy flakes! I can't believe it.

Mary said...

wishing you an incredible productive day inside...and maybe a little playing in the snow??

GA has had a few surprise April snows.

Sherry Smyth said...

oh poo on that...I'm glad you find the beauty in it -- and that you've put a spell on it reminding it that it will melt a.s.a.p.!!!!

Happy April beautiful one (and that's no joke!). xoxoxo

Meri said...

not so fast, white stuff
you come back right this minute
and clean up your mess!

tami said...

mother nature and April Fool's Day!
Enjoy your snow day!

dosfishes said...

Hmmmm, familiar views, yup, jokes on you shoveling required-yeah!!!!! xox Corrine Happy weekend to you both.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yah well, that's not what I would be saying. Melt, baby, melt! This is just a really bad joke.

Lynn said...

I just don't get it. Your photos are beautiful...but here we went from torential rain to SUMMER in one day...try 90 plus degrees!
Cords to cottons!

Stephanie said...

This April snow is your yard :)

oh, I know we SHOULD get some of this still but our weather has been anything but normal this year.

happy April Fools!

Spadoman said...

That's great! We had a dusting of snow on the ground this morning. It quickly melted and the bare spots we had yesterday are back today, but still a ways to go to say it's Spring-like.
Yours is a good idea. Make it into more beauty thanit already is with haiku. Creative, I like it.


Marilyn said...

Wishing you a quick and warming spring. It is autumn here.

priti.lisa said...

Well you got more white stuff than we did...Happy weekend :)

Chel said...

Wow- suddenly okay about being in the heat and humidity of Florida! :) <3 Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Amanda Moore said...

I am looking at all the pics thinking "wow this is a lot of snow" then I see your Haiku! it cracked me up! Now we "snows" who is boss around here! =)

Annie said...

Holy shivering haiku. Your pictures certainly live up to the spirit of seasons and haikus.

Noelle Renee said...

Lovely and strange. It is hotter than a coal mine here today. I don't know what is up with the weather but lovely images. Happy April Fool's day!

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Kim~ I live a little below you in New Jersey, and whatever you get it seems we get, too, only not as much! Wintry mix here today, and I had to run here and there, anyway! I, too, would love that never-seems-to-happen day for back-burnered projects! You're right! It was beautiful this morning to wake up to a white world! ♥

Elena said...

Gorgeous photos and lovely thoughts. Hope you had a great day in the studio!

Marit said...

This is unbelieveble... it's Saturday (April 2) and I sit in the backyard getting a tan in the sun - it's 25 celcius (77 fahrenheit)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Snow on April 1st? Oh, my! (Bet most of it is gone already.)

rebecca said...

i am so sorry for my delay in visiting. haiku my heart started off fine and turned into a fever landing me in bed for days.
i am up for the first time to try and see a few more haiku...but i can tell i am fading fast.
hopefully by the time your snow melts my fever will subside.
love you so....