Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharing the Joy Thursday

Let me share some simple joys in my world today.

Nothing fancy, but oh, so sweet.

Meet Eddie.


He is my new boyfriend.

Yes, David knows about him. He is kind of okay with it, since Eddie is a bit of a bird brain.

Eddie showed up on the April Fool’s Day Snow Storm last week, and has been hanging out at the feeder and in the maple trees around our yard every since.

His serenade makes my heart melt !

And he’s not bad to look at either. I don’t usually go for redheads, but he has changed that !


Azzy really likes Eddie too.

He watches him from his perch in the studio window and makes those hilarious open mouth noises that cats make when they see a bird at the buffet !

I am also joyful that tomorrow and Saturday

I will be gathering with my Arty Friends for some girlfriend time, food, wine, art-making and sleepover !

Though my pal Colleen who introduced me to the gang cannot make it, ;-( ,

I am looking very forward to spending time with the other NH ladies and lovely Linda who is driving in from Long Island for the fun !


I am also excited that next week, He and I :


will be chasing the spring time and the glorious blossoms


and recreating the wonderful trip we had three years ago to Virginia Beach in April.


I know it was three years ago because that is where we were when we heard the news that this Earth Day Baby had arrived :


and this year on Earth Day, April 22nd, we will be celebrating Kate’s third birthday !


Time sure goes fast…

But is so filled with sweet joys to celebrate !


Thinking about all of these joyful things makes me feel so very, very blessed !

Let’s keep the focus on what is good, Beautiful Ones, in order to create more of it !

Much Love and Happy Thursday !


For more joy or to share your own joy-filled stuff, head over to Meri’s blog. She is feeling poorly and needs some extra joy sent her way today.


beth said...

i'm so glad your hubby is okay with eddie...otherwise it would be a bit awkward :)

have a great trip my sweet one....

you two need the break of being together in some warm air....


Sherry Smyth said...

So much to look forward to!!! A little getaway, celebrating a 3rd birthday...

Does Eddie know that you are leaving him for time with another???

I'm still laughing at you calling him a bird brain!!! rofl!!!

Mary said...

Kim this was a joy to read. Reminds me to gather the little treasures that make up our days. Not letting them pass me by without acknowledging them. Thank you!

I so know that sound the kitties make you mentioned...cracks me up each and every time.

And I wanted to tell you how gorgeous your postcards are!!

Have a wonderful time with your art buddies...sounds perfect!!

Lisa said...

so so much happiness! Oh Kim this is just wonderful!

Tami said...

What a sweetie tweety your eddie is! I am joyful just reading your post. Enjoy your trip!

Jennifer said...

So many wonderful things happening! I can't believe how big you niece is getting...such a beautiful little one!

You are lovely in your glasses too my friend :)

Chel said...

My mid-morning cup of tea and your blog make every morning sing for me- thank you al always for sharing your joy and making ME feel joyful! :)

Meri said...

It fills me with joy to see your beaming face, to see you and hubby looking so happy and anticipating your romantic road trip, to know you're going to have the little girlfriend art getaway.

Janet said...

This whole post made me smile this morning. First your affair with the redhead, and then I had to chuckle over the cat making the open mouth noises....just like my cats do. They crack me up!

Enjoy your girl's art get together and also the trip to the beach.

Kate said...

I want Eddie to come visit me but alas Cardinals do not live in this part of the country. My cats do that too.

Sounds like you have some fab time coming up soon. Its been years since I have been to Virginia Beach but I am sure its still lovely.

Have a great time with your art ladies. Wish I had a group like that. I do have some spinning friends coming for the weekend so that will have to do. It will be fun I am not saying it won't but I need an Art group and just don't have the time to create it. You'd probably say ok Universe send me so Art gals, so I think I will. Maybe a new vision board is in order. Gee I have been chatty... Have an arty day.


somepinkflowers said...

Earth Day Baby!


love that!
hoping all is greenishly perfect
everywhere she goes...

deb did it said...

Kim...that shadow shot is fantastic! And you and hubby look so beautifully happy! glowy and shiny! Have a wonderful trip!

Marit said...

Your new boyfriend is cute! And ohmy... I had to giggle when you described Azzy's 'birdnoises'... I almost HEARD them!!! Your next days are sure something to look forward to, have fun, enjoy, dance, sing, create, laugh, sip wine and celebrate life! YEAY

jgr said...

Oh Kim, your new boyfriend is SO handsome! Have a wonderful weekend and a great Spring trip with your man. And Happy EearthDay Birthday to Kate.

Jeannine said...

Oh, I do love a cardinal. We don't have them where I'm from (California) so when I moved to Virginia six years ago I was - wow! - bowled over by them. Still am. They take my breath away. Eddie is quite the handsome fellow.

Weather in Virginia Beach was gorgeous today and I hope it will be that way for your visit too. Enjoy!

dosfishes said...

Exciting happiness abounds for you and that ever so sweet man of yours. And a sleepover with arty ones, what's not to love. Looks like that red headed singer is bringing you luck. xox corrine

LuLu Kellogg said...

Have fun with your girlie friends!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you with your glasses!


gemma said...

Eddie must have been stunning in the snow. Have fun on all of your new and revisited adventures. It all sounds joyful. Almost three. So precious.

rebecca said...

just home from teaching a fun art class all day and am catching up on all the jOY! what about that Hatty???

as are you my darling!!!!

Anonymous said...

you all look so happy, hubby, cat and bird included!

Carmen said...

have a wonderful time!
i just came beack from my awesome trip
p.s. i said yes and also i do
can you believe it????

Dawn Elliott said...

I'm jazzed just hearing about all the fun you're having - with Eddie, your grand daughter, the sleepover with the girls, your trip to Virginia Beach...very inspiring!

Julie Prichard said...

Do you and Eddie have an open relationship? I think I love him too. :)