Thursday, April 19, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Blooming Joy

Blooming Joy around the House !



Tulips that the squirrels allowed me this year, azaleas, and lilacs all blooming in the front yard !

How glorious is Spring ?


New born Maple leaves on their second day of life.

Two days ago they were buds ! Amazing !


My hibiscus plant in the studio didn’t want to be out-done

and graced me with this brilliant bloom this morning too !


Brought a little piece of joy into the studio as well.

It smells like lilac heaven !

This morning, Joy was so easy to find.

I love it when that happens !

I hope joy bursts in your Thursday too, Beautiful Ones !



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Kate said...

Spring is so much further along fo you. Love seeing your blooms. Have a fabulous day,

Helen Campbell said...

Oh lovely! Spring gardens do just radiate joy! :)

beth said...

YOU are JOY....silly !!
you are one person i know that doesn't have to go looking for joy, as it just pours out of you :)

well, unless your tummy hurts :(


Mary said...

Oh how I love lilacs! That do not grow well in these parts!
I can just about smell them though.

Kim, thank you for all your love and encouragement!


jgr said...

HI Kim,
Your Spring is beautiful!! I especially like the hibiscus. I hope you have warmth, too. It's in the 50's here!

Meri said...

I'm going to have to stroll round the yard today to see if my lilacs are doing anything. The first one to pop is usually the one nestled up by the house on the south side. I think that's because Kuan Yin sits at its roots.

Olivia said...

It does indeed look glorious, My Queen...maybe it will spread a little spring on over our way. High 51 low 46 today with rain...everything is late because the winter is dragging on so. I take inspiration from the beauty and have hope. xoO

Sherry said...

You certainly didn't have to look far to find the joy in your day this day. You're a little further ahead with the blooming than we are here -- but I know it's coming and that is MY joy!! xoxo

Terri said...

A joyful day to you : )
Your home is certainly blooming! Everything looks gorgeous. My roses have just bloomed for the first time this past week...and I even have a few heads of lilacs! Yay! It is very mild here in the winter and it gets hot early in the year. So lilacs do not thrive. But I have one bush that gives me a handful of blooms each spring and for this bit of heaven I am very thankful!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Wow I do also have the lilacs. For some reason I think my hyacinths got mowed over. Had tulips last month, a little early. Great photography.

Janet said...

Your springtime pictures look so pretty...all those beautiful blooms. I wish my computer had smell-o-vision!

Deb Crecelius said...

Pretty, pretty buds and blooms :)

priti.lisa said...

Lots and lots of sweet spots!
Cheese is a hard thing for many to give up. I never ate that much, but I give Deb Rice Cheese...she thinks it has a better taste than soy cheese, and it DOES melt.
I HEART that canvas! Man, you are good!!!

SueAnn Lommler said...

The tulips brought such happiness to my heart!!
Beautiful photos!
Joy to you, my dear friend.

Kim Mailhot said...


Chel said...

beautiful- big hugs! <3

Nadeja said...

Oh my goodness. Love in expression of truth!
I love you,