Thursday, April 26, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Doing My Work

From this week’s Joy List


Haircuts that match your personality and sweet times with a great stylist named Deb at the Cut N Go Depot. She is a great person and a hair artist.



Miracles in the garden and my iPhone that captures them in such a cool ways !


Check out the amazing light and detail in this shot taken way down low and with no photo-editing other than putting a frame around it.

I wish you has smell-o-vision on your screen ! The lily of the valley is so sweeeeeet !

And then there is some awesome inspired art time…


Yesterday, I lost myself in making this page in my journal.

So lost in fact that when I surfaced, I realized I was still in my pjs with bedhead and due to meet Lois for lunch in about 25 minutes! I was a little late !

This page was inspired by the incredible posts that Lisa at Life Unity has been sharing the past little while.

Some of them have gone really deeply in for me.

Lisa is a beautiful thinker and a glorious and loving Heart. And I love the food for my Soul that she provides.


She made me appreciate and see the truth in my recent choice and desire to keep focused on my “World Work” on this planet.

It is what I am here for and I know it in my deep down Soul.

Love is the answer to every question

and sending more of it out into the world is the work I am here to do.



So not a bad week in the Joy department, wouldn’t you say?

Also in there were sweet moments spent with some good friends, lots of laughter with the hubby and the delivery of a new and very needed fridge.

I am so very blessed !

I hope you find lots of things to add to your joy list this week.

Much love !

For inspiration, check out the Shared Joy at Meri’s Musings.



Lisa said...

Oh Kim --- Your photos, your pages, your art, your words, they are so so beautiful! I'm so honored to have you as a friend.

You have more than shared the love, too (YES - the answer to ALL): My daughter is sitting here with me and was so thrilled to look at the photos. She made me stop at the flowers and kept smiling.

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice world work on your part. You are always true to your heart even when it's hard. Love the do! and the do that you do!!! xox

Sherry said...

That is some deep joy...haircuts that match your personality and your's most certainly does that!!! I love the cheeky pose through the fingers!!

I love the art -- so deep, so rich and obviously so filled with passion if you lost track of time and nearly missed lunch with Lois!! :)

You are doing your world work and the world is a better place because of you!! xoxox

rebecca said...

good morning love!
so much here to celebrate....i am completely swept away by your lilies of the valley... thank you for that tiny white sweetness which reminds me of my youngest years. here in the great southwest they cannot, will not grow. they are one of my most favorite flowers and you have gifted me hugely this day!


Leovi said...

Wonderful, I love this beautiful portrait and flowers, congratulations. Greetings.

foxysue said...

I just found one more thing to add to my joy list - YOU! :~) x

PS going to check Lisa out!

Janet said...

I agree about the haircut. And yours looks great.

Love love love the journal page and its message. Your art is on my joy list!

jgr said...

Love your hair, and I always say this but you are REALLY photogenic! Also love the flower photos and journal page. Enjoy your new fridge too. :-)

beth said...

i adore you.
all your joy and love and silliness with that smirk in that second photo.....i know that smirky grin/laugh :)

and as always, your pages....YUM YUM YUM

i got lost the other day, too... working in the studio....i wasn't late for anything but ended up with a kink in my neck :(

big huggen loven to you!!!

Deb Crecelius said...

Love the haircut.
We have the same flowers!
And fungus, too (don't know what it is).
Beautiful, heartful journal page.

GrandmaK said...

Hair cut nicely done and the flowers are just beautiful! Received here joyfully! Cathy

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Like that haircut. Wish my hair was that color again. But after all I have earned all this gray, might as well wear it like a crown. Joy back at ya sista. Your photos are joyous.

Meri said...

A very sassy haircut, Missy! I'm loving all your creative work.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Love the haircut and the journal pages. Fabulous!!

Nadeja said...

Wow Wow Wow! more wonderfulness!! It seems, I missed a few glad to get caught up again!
Life is not complete
When posts that I love are missed
So good - back on track.
Love you my precious one.