Thursday, April 12, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Lots of love and a couple of Kooks…

From this week’s Joy List…


Cheeky self-portraits.


Deer at Dusk and a photo to prove it.


Katie’s First Very Own Bike and her “Whoo hoo !”’s going down the road.


Big Brother Tom’s first fancy schmancy 21 Speed Schwinn and his confident joy at riding it!


Katie and Dave Love


Katie and Chica Love.


Dave loving Katie loving Chica & Dave Love.


Kooky Characters that showed up in doodles on my scrap of paper by the computer.


Irving, the leader of the pack, prone to migraines but a Mastermind at Organization.


Jules. She takes awhile to get to know but is as loyal as a German Shepard once she loves you.


Miss Suse is a worrier, but has such an Eye !


Clemente. A bit mysterious but great at helping you see things from a different perspective.


Chris has a banged up heart but is still looking for Love above all else.


Shelagh brings her elfin lightness to all she does.


Lloyd = Kindness.

Through and through.

I hope the characters that pop into your life today bring you joy, Beautiful Ones !

Oh, and our beloved Share the Joy Thursday hostess, Meri, is feeling very under the weather so let’s share some extra joy with her to help her mend.


Enjoy your Thursday !


Leovi said...

Beautiful photos, how happy he is seen with his dog.

rebecca said...

i am stuck on katie and chica LOVE!
thanks for offering so many bright cheeks to the open palm of a new day, bright with the joy of sharing.
love you so!

Mary said...

Kim, do love your wonderful imagination! Some of us loose it or don't use it enough.


Marit said...

Can't help but wonder which character I would be in your 'pack'... Jules maybe? Such a sweet post and photos Kim, I can feel the love coming from the computer! Big hug back to you dear!

Unknown said...

A beautiful and loving post for this day. You are a very creative person and have a lovely family. Blessings

Anonymous said...

LOL Irving is speaking to me but they make quite a group altogether. First bike, wahoo! xox

Sherry said...

Love your kooky characters who in many ways are not kooky at all. There is a little of a lot of us in these doodle folks!

Love the photographs as always -- you find the love and share the love...and what better form of joy!? ♥

deb did it said...

sweet precious kooky joyful love going on here! xoxoxo Deb

jgr said...

I love your characters!! Each one made me smile. Thank you for your comment about Mocha, too.

Lenora said...

what fun! I still have that memory of the first time dad let go of my bike - this brings it back plain as day! Joy!!

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Kim... I really like your little drawings and the photos are wonderful too. Bike riding, lounging with the dog are all great stuff of life. Have a joyful Thursday too!

Olivia said...

I too enjoy My Queen's characters and expressions of joy today (and every day)! xoO

Nadeja said...

Love the pictures!!! Love the characters too!!! Love you the most - fellow creator! xoxoxo

beth said...

i love kooky and your family does it really well !!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Such heart singing photos, Kimmypoo! Ach, my heart swells to see you so enthralled with life. Now, those doodles might need some therapy, perhaps a little group therapy?! Miss you and love you!

Elena said...

Ok so I'm reading and have all these comments and now the only thing in my head as I smile warmly is "Queen, you're freaking amazing"

Sueann said...

Love the photos and the shared joy. Woot on the bike ride!!! WTG!!

Meri said...

You are my favorite-ist doodle bug!