Thursday, November 8, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday - Feeding the Soul

From this week’s joy list…


1. Snow on the bird feeder.

Okay, I am lying.

The snow does not bring me joy.

But the bird feeder does.

As does the knowledge that those cold little birdies will have some yummy seeds to eat when their whole world is frozen.

2. The morning after a bad headache when you open your eyes to no pain.

Heaven !!!

3. A bunch of bags with lots of fun goodies ready to go into the car for some Kimbo adventures with awesome peeps !!!


4. My sweet, sweet hubby who keeps the home fires burning bright while I head out for a bit. When I ask him if he minds that I go a lot, he replies “No ! Because you always come back.” Love him to bits.

5. Participating in the Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge. Today is day 4 and I can already feel changes in my being. I am loving the process so much !

6. This blog and my friends in Blogland. Knowing that there are dear hearts who hear me, see me, and acknowledge my own heart in this very special way with every post, fills me with joy and feelings of being connected. Good stuff !

I hope that the rest of your week is filled with simple and abundant joy, Beautiful Ones !


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Meri said...

I love the pic of you holding "Fly." You look so sassy and full of mischief! I know you'll have a fun creative time. You are a special being, blessed with a special husband. How divine!

Anonymous said...

Nice joys for well, no more headaches, and fly fearless. xox

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Yes dear woman we are here. All lifting you up and knowing you are doing the same. It is truly a blessed to have an understanding and loving husband. One of my greatest blessings is such. Blessings

Fallingladies said...

Hope you do have good times on your latest trip! Your hubby seems just as great as you say...

I agree about the headache thing, with me it's cramps, the absence of pain is the best feeling ever! ...

And i joined the meditation thing too but haven't taken the time to listen to even one yet... Maybe after my surgery when life slows down....


Sherry said...

Saying "hello" tonight from my hotel in Reading, Pa. I have to say I love #4 -- and I love that man of yours!! Have a good time with your loves!

eb said...

yes - do fly
gorgeous one!

xox - eb.

SueAnn Lommler said...

May your days and weeks be filled with joy and peace

her father's daughter said...

you are spectacular.

Joyfulploys said...

I came by to see what you've been up...looks like a LOT! When you finish the Meditation Challenge, maybe you can share some insights you've gained from it. I'm going to check it out! Thanks for being positive...I do hear you!

Cinner said...

Hi Kim, I am always so glad to visit you. you are always up to something. Enjoy the meditation class, sounds interesting. and well your husband he is a keeper isn't he. sending a big hug your way. hugs.,

beth said...

OMG...i'm doing the meditation challenge, too !!! it was hard this weekend to do any, so I'm catching up today. does that mean i failed the challenge....oh well :)


Serenella said...

I know that heavenly feeling of the first headache free morning only too well. It almost makes the terrible pain worth it. I have to thank you again for sharing about the Chopra meditation on FB. Because of it I saw it and started it on day 2, and it's been a godsend. Lots of love your way for that! and P.S., that color pink (the scarf in the pic) looks absolutely fab on you! XO