Monday, December 17, 2012

Love is still the answer...

I am heart broken.
My heart is broken into pieces by the horrors of last Friday, and the faces of those sweet children, victims of something so evil and horrible...

And yet, in spite of this shattering, I still have faith in the one thing I know.
Love is the answer to every question.

Love may not help us to understand the unthinkable. There is really no understanding this. But is the way for us to come through the heart break. It is the only way, I think.

So I look for ways to apply Love. In small, tender ways, because that is what I have the power to do. And I give gratitude for all that is good and right in my world, however small.
This is how you mend,
a broken heart.

Today I love and am grateful for :
- the fact that David had turned on the lights on our Christmas branches first thing this morning so they were aglow when I got up.

- how funny Little Happy looks in his holiday garb !

- having sent several messages of deep love to some other wonderful hearts in my world today, connecting and reaching out in love.

-orders of Rock My World rocks that are heading out in the mail today, spreading love one little rock at a time into our tender world.

- my own faith in Love that unwavering in spite of it all.

Sending big love to you, Beautiful Ones. I am grateful to know you by heart.


Sherry said...

Love you beautiful soul.
All I keep thinking about today is "What the World Needs Now" -- and then I read your words...there's that connectedness again. xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Kim,
I just found your blog recently & I love it!
I found this link on another artist's site (Liz Davidson). It's a link for an online petition regarding gun control. Lots of people read your blog, so would you pass it on?

Kim D

Meri said...

I spent yesterday making art. I didn't know what else to do with trauma of that magnitude. There is no way to make sense of the senseless, no words that can heal the hearts of the families who lost children or mothers or sisters or brothers, there is no way to repair the innocence lost too soon. But art can help with healing.

deb did it said...

this made me laugh and cry and smile....well said Kim

Lynn Cohen said...

Coming with Hugs; also spreading love and accounting for what I have to be grateful for; all the while grieving the losses of all 26.

I love your little six pointed stars on your holiday tree.

I gave your URL to a client today who loved your/my rocks and wanted some. She'll visit your ETSY.