Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sharing the Joy–In spite of it all…

It’s Thursday.

The coldest of the cold snap is over and today is a balmy 25 degrees (-3 C) today.

I haven’t been feeling very well physically this week.

Headache, body aches, maybe fighting some flu-ish thing.

Feeling quite a bit better today after sleeping most of the week away.

In the midst of the icks, I have still found things that made me feel joyful.

Like Black Cats in your lap…


or in a sunbeam.


Figuring out my inspirational phrase of the year…


and making a little rock with it for my Word of the Year Rock in a Box.

This phrase has saved me so many times when life gets a little too overwhelming or unsure.

Coming back to this moment reminds me that this is all we know for sure.





Finishing up little projects like this silly felted and embroidered owl make me smile too.



That was about all the creative juices I had this week, feeling poorly as I was.


Until this morning when this strange but appropriate journal page emerged…



“Headache” – Art Journal Page,

watercolor journal, spray inks, old dictionary page, india ink pens, white gel pen, Twinkling H2Os



Here’s hoping the aches are over !

I know that this afternoon will be joy-filled as I am taking care of my little buddy Jayden for a few hours.


So glad to be feeling up to that kind of snuggling !

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !

May your day be joy-filled too.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that you've been ailing but I'm glad the worst of it is over...finding joy helps...and spending time with your wee buddy Jayden will be even better!! Love the journal page about headache...the way you did he half closed eye and the wide open eye...speaks volumes! Love you!!

Laura said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel better dear Kim… thanks for spreading the small joys… I think they are the most important to notice as they are most abundant and don't rely on big expectations… that said… the BIG joy of your tiny grandson is an awesome blessing… enjoy loving him… be present with him (here now) when he arrives with your whole heart… what a great, great JOY!

Anonymous said...

Love your oh so petite owl...and your fabulous journal page...Hope the icks go away soon....xox

Nadeja said...

You may be feeling icky...but you look adorable! So vulnerable and beautiful! Makes a mom want to hug her girl!!! Love the cat pictures. Made my heart flutter to see your kitty. The little owls are so precious! Did you know that owls are omens for change? I have always loved them and someone once told me that I remind them of an owl...why? He said that he saw me as wise :! and a few other things, I can't remember now since this was long ago. Thank you for sharing your heart and your pictures and your awesome art! I love you, Mom

beth said...

before i even saw your word "headache" it's what i said to myself when i saw those "eyes" on your girl....

actually that's how i feel i look when i have a migraine !!

ps...hope you're feeling better !!!

nacherluver said...

Sorry for your sickies. Glad you're feeling better. What awesomeness has come out of it though! Including you. :)

Have you ever read Eckhart Tolle "The Power of Now"? If not, I would highly recommend the read and it will set you right for your words of the year. I need to pick it up again myself. Amazing stuff.

Mary said...

Hi dear Kim, I want you to know how your words to me always lift. Thank you!

Hope you are feeling better and you have a wonderful light-filled weekend!


Priti.Lisa said...

Happy to hear you are stating to feel better...winter is kicking my ass this year again...bleh.
Your beautiful artwork and reading your posts I missed cheered me and now I am thinking of putting on my boots and down-coat...made a walk will help.
♥ ♥ ♥

michelle ward said...

I love how honest you are and that you always find that beautiful golden thread of goodness, and share it.
Be Here Now. That's a good one. Pretty page. XO

Joyfulploys said...

Not fun to have a headache...I hope you are on your way towards having a lovely weekend. I like the journal page you shared. I took note of the article about the lemon water in your previous post...sounds like a great idea.

Renee said...

Your blog is a fun place to visit! Thanks for stopping in to see me at Doorkeeper. So glad I returned the favor. Blessings!

Kim Andersen said...

I love your owl and your journal page - amazed you could create when you where feeling crummy. I slept the day away today - achy, headachy too. Like I have three rock creatures on my head and only one eye working. You captured the feeling perfectly ;)