Monday, January 13, 2014

Boo, black and white and shiny all over…

Boo, my oh so black black kitty cat,

came to visit in the studio as I sat down to lose myself in doodles today.



It would seem that since I was working in black and white


he thought that his blackness would be of help to me.


The black was inspiring, but the chewing on my pen and the lying down on my page was not.

In spite of Boo’s help,

this little black and white doodle emerged.





As I was doodling, I was listening to Pandora radio.

I was suddenly filled with thoughts of my friend Joe Spado who passed recently.

This favorite song of mine by David Gray came on the radio at that moment.

I wrote a note to Joe on his Facebook page.

I saw that some other friends and family are still writing to him there as well.

He is no longer here in the physical world,

but oh how I could feel his bright spirit shine today.

Sending love and peace out there to you and yours, my friend Joe.

Shine on, Man.


Anonymous said...

Love the connections you had today -- with Boo, with your journal and with Joe. An open mind keeps connections flowing! xo

iHanna said...

So beautiful, the page, the kitty love, the memories you carry with you! Keep drawing, its magical!

Nadeja said...

How I love creation! You are such a wonderful creator; through words and pictures! You are a magical being Kimmy. I love you,

beth said...

i want to sit and doodle with you all afternoon…for like a few days…..K?

Priti.Lisa said...

Love that song
B&W video
B&W doodle
Black cat
White Love
Just perfect, Kim,
you ARE!
I think of Joe often...
I think he is still near.
♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

boo is engaged in the story that's for sure. beautiful pages....sorry about your friend. nice and comforting to know that he is so loved. i am sure he feels it. xox

Laura said...

beautiful doodles… and indeed Joe's light shines on!

rivergardenstudio said...

I love what your doodles became here, and how your sweet kitty helped you create!