Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Post of the New Year, 2014!

I have been neglecting my dear blog over the holidays !

That is maybe because I have been living life in the “real” world so fully.

We had an amazing Christmas in Montreal and La Conception.

Lots of love, laughter and good food.

And yesterday, David and I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my dear friend Suzanne.



We bundled up warmly, donned our silly party hats and grabbed our noise makers

and headed to Hampton Beach, NH to watch the fireworks show

under the stars and over the sea !


Cold, cold, cold (about 16 F) but fun anyway

and there was a great crowd of revelers there !

This morning, David and I did the annual dance in the snow in our bare feet,

inspired by my Mommy, who started this tradition when I was a little kid.


Kooky, cold but invigorating none the less !


My pal Suzy is here for the rest of the week.

Since they are announcing snow and cold for the next few days,

we have planned some fun arty stuff to do together.

Such a great way to launch the new year !


Maybe, as we play,

I will get the message from the Universe

about my Word of the Year.

I started to get a bit of impulses towards it today in fact…

If you would like to keep your Word of the Year in focus

in its very own Word of the Year Rock In a Box,

they are available in my Etsy shop until the end of the month.

I would like to wish all of us a 2014 full of present moment living, hearts full of gratitude and an abundance of love and kindness.

Happy New Year, Beautiful Ones !


Anonymous said...

I love that you were so busy living in the real "live" world of day to day that you hadn't time to blog! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas, a happy new year and that you've danced in the snow! Wishing you a bright and wide open new year...with lots of time spent living the life in your real world!! xox Love you.

Fallingladies said...

What a fun way to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!here's hoping your year is wonderful and you come up with your word soon!

Anonymous said...

Dancing on the snow! I love how you have chosen to live your "real" life and shared just a bit with us. You have great energy and passion~ such a great way to kick off another great year on planet Earth.
Love you!! Have a ball with your pal!!

Mary said...

Happy New Year dear Kim! May it be filled with all good things!


Janet said...

Happy New Year! You look happy (and cold) on the beach...and my toes are curling up just looking at your bare feet in the snow!!

Elena said...

You've heard it before but I'm still loving that great big smiley picture of you :) Happy New Year dear Kim