Friday, April 17, 2015

I’ll sit with you.

  Loving Florida in many ways.

But not so in love with all the creepy crawlies !


Last week I swam in my friend Sherri’s pool with a Python.

Okay, I’m totally exaggerating!

It was just a 10” black snake with red and yellow lines on his head.

But he moved very fast and gave me heebie jeebies big time.

Now we have these locusts!

Okay, just mega grasshoppers, but they are the size of a little girl’s hand !

Thank God for screens !

Still, this Florida life is a sweet one.


I found this sweet quote on pinterest or facebook.

(sorry to the creator of this image – I was unable to retrace my steps.)

I just love it.

Can’t always see the bright side in some moments.

I love the idea of a friend just sitting by until the light returns.

Because it always does, doesn’t it ?

I think the quote may have been influencing my journal page today.

IMG_1558[1]This pretty sea of turquoise blue


became a bit of a dark garden.


The BEings look a little concerned or worried.

IMG_1577   But at least


they have each other…


to sit with until the light returns.


It feels really good to be playing in the journal right now.

There is an upcoming trip to Canada that will probably interrupt the newly re-established routine,

but in the not so mean time,

I’m enjoying the flow.

I hope you have creative flow and lots of peace this weekend, Beautiful Ones.

Big love !


Debra Fillingim said...

Loved the post- so true. Friends can be a blessing. Being the blessing is great too. When I look at my past I realize that is only God's grace and His protection through many people... That got me to where I can be who I am today! People make comments that they are surprised/shocked that I am who I am considering my past. I am quick to remind the that I did not get here alone. So if iT I s my turn to encourage someone on...I will be there. God Bless you and your gentle spirit.

Anonymous said...

Nice flow. I'm with you on the creepy crawlies. xox

iHanna said...

Saving that quote too!