Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Home Again

Latest art journal page - "My heart is always looking for it's home.

It has forgotten that home is where the heart is."

So I am home again after what seems like a long, long time. I had a great time in Montreal and the beautiful Laurentians, visiting with family and friends. While I was there enjoying all that social time, I was missing the Hubby and he was missing me, big time. What is so wonderful about him is that he knows my strong ties to "home" and always makes me feel completely free to go for a "peeps fix". At the same time, it is hard to leave him and our "home" life behind. I also really, really, really miss my bed ! My bed is the best bed in the universe ! The best part of coming home is being in my man's arms and the second best thing is sleeping in my sweet, cozy, comfy bed ! Yes, David, it really is in that order !!! ;-)

One of the many highlights of my trip was some bonding time with this angel :

Baby Kate - 2 and a half months and oh so gorgeous !

Kate is my sister Kristina's baby. She was born on Earth Day, and I know she will be (already is !!!) a gift to this world in so many ways ! Kristina and John (Kate's Dada), have asked David and I to be her godparents, which makes me feel so very honored. I mean, just look at her !

Check out this mega-smile !

Katie-Cupcake fell under the spell that all babies held by me do - the magic of Kim's Pillows. Somehow, as soon as a baby is in my arms and nestled against those boobs, it is inevitable...they sleep....

Auntie Kim's Pillows - Heaven for both of us !

I had many more very special moments while I was away. I got to be part of my other sweet niece's big event - 17 year old Jessica's High School Graduation Ball. I followed my sister Natalie's beautiful girl throughout the day's preparations and saw her off in the limo with her 7 friends as she headed out to celebrate (safely, thank God !) the end of that phase of her life and the beginning of the new. I am gathering the pictures and momentos of the event to make her a special memory album as my graduation gift to her. Here's a few :

The sophisticated Princess ! So beautiful !

Proud Auntie

The proud Momma - a knock out herself !

So many fun things happened while I was away... I guess there would need to be a few more posts if I wanted to cover it all. We shall see. For now I am home, settling back in to the rhythm of summer, work in the studio and my sweet, sweet married life. All that with a renewed energy that comes for truly embracing life's moments with the one's you love ! Ain't life grand?

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Anonymous said...

Sooo beautiful!
I would love some copies of those pictures!!
Good to have had you here and good that you are home safe and sound.
Love, love, love you,