Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday's Three Beautiful Things

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So it's Monday morning. The weekend was an ok one - a mixture of have-to's (I hate have-to's right now !!!) and want-to's (decided on as a couple which was good!). Today I am looking for focus ! I need to get back to creating stuff in the studio. I have a few commissions and a few gifts that need doing which is usually a motivation for me to get to work but this morning they are feeling like have-to's (like I said, hate those right now !) and not want to's. Feels like I am going to need a kick in the butt from somewhere to stop all the whining and just get down to it !

Consider yourself kicked in the butt, Kimbo !!!!

Just practicing a little TOUGH self-love this am !

Here are the three beautiful things today :

1. The "green" of everything is so spectacular today after all the crazy rains we have been having and it is sunny this morning ! Yippee !

2. My good friend and fantastic seamstress extraordinaire Lois is making me a dress for my friend Andrea's wedding coming up in August ! How lucky an I ? We used Meryl Streep's dress for her daughter's wedding in Mamma Mia as inspiration ! (Go see that movie !!! Extra beautiful !!!) A fitting today !

3. I miss my baby niece Katie Cupcake so much but I have my screen wallpaper set with a cropped version of this photo :

How can you not smile when looking at that face !

Hope your day is full of beauty !

"Get to work now, Kimbo !!!" ( a little more tough self-love for good measure !)

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Jennifer said...

Hey! I understand needing a little kick in the pants! your niece is certainly the cutest little cupcake ever! She looks so happy it is sort of contagious!