Friday, March 20, 2009

Alert for Signs

"Alert for Signs of Growth" - Art Journal page

(acrylic paints, credit card drag, brayer, plastic fork, markers, white paint pens, Caran D'ache crayons, eyes from magazines)

Started off the week focused on what was right. That is where I like to be. Where I think we ought to be to take advantage of this miraculous life we have to experience.

Looks like I am ending it out of focus...looking at what is wrong, what is off, what is unclear, what is crooked. Working hard (do you ever get soul-weary tired of working so hard at it ???) to shake it off and regain a healthier perspective.

The best thing about today is that I am off to hang out with a dear friend for the weekend, where we shall focus on anything other than me ! Once I get past the 5 hour drive alone with myself, it should be clear sailing. Thank God for Audio Books and great tunes to sing along with !

May your first day of Spring and your weekend be focused on what is right, smooth and easy !

(Check out one of my favorite "driving" songs (among other things you could do to it ! ;-) ) of all time. The magical Peter Murphy - an 80's Oldie !)


martha brown said...

Oh I love this piece -- the eyes on the leaves are really cool, Kim!

sherry lee said...

oh man, the eyes have it in this piece it!!

It's spring, we're awakening in so many ways...have a safe trip, enjoy your weekend with your friend...renewal is all around us!

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Cool journal page! Hope you enjoy your trip! :-)

Anonymous said...

Travel safe...

I've never heard that song...weird! I like it!

And I like your page....LOVE how the eyes were placed.

jgr said...

The eyes are great! You are totally creative, girl!

Debbie said...

I love those eyes on the leaves! The name is so great too! Thanks.

Genie Sea said...

Ah sweetie! I hope you have a great, relaxing and fun weekend! We all need a good rest to regenerate and fight the good fight. :)


Your artwork today is stunning. The colors and the powerful image are hauntingly beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim ~ This piece is gorgeous!! I love EVERYTHING about it. You know I know what you're saying about soul-weariness. You've been such a big help to me with that, with your bright light of spirit. Thank you! Hope you're having a wonderful time visiting with your buddy and have a good and safe trip back! I'm likin' that song, never heard it before but it sure does make a great driving (and 'what-not') song. ~ BIG HUG ~

Karin said...

I love your multi faceted visioning image here Kim - quite exquisite! It may not be comfortable, but your being 'out of focus' sure didn't hurt your ability to create in any way!! I hope you are currently enjoying some wonderful nurturing friend time, and come back feeling your focus. May the travel angels carry you safely there and back!! ❤ Karin

Commuter's Journal said...

Would it be a bad pun to say that this piece is insightful? It has a watchful quality and hints at the potential for growth. Excellent!

carolyn said...

hi kim~it is so clear how therapeutic art journaling is for you.
you inspire me to want to try my hand at art journaling again.
your page is so cool.

i am glad to know that you are taking the time to regain your focus with your friend. the long drive may help too, as well as some good music. i love peter murphy.
nothing beats 80s tunes!


LuLu said...

Bonjour Kim! WOW! This collaged painting is simply amazing, haunting and beautiful! WOW! You should keep on creating in this style, you will do master-pieces and at the same time it will do wonders for your soul! What a perfect combination! I just love it! Have a great, great week! LuLu xxx

Melissa said...

Yes, I do get tired. Still working on that just 'be'ing stuff. But I do get it right sometimes.

We all do.

Neat song...never heard it before. Very magickal sounding - you know how I feel about that. ;)


Jennifer said...

Beautiful page! Yes, trying to get things in perspective is sort of tiring some times! It sounds like you have the right plan...get away for a little while and have a lot of fun! Spring has sprung a sense of hope and relief for me so far :)

Lissa said...

Your artwork is absolutely beautiful. I also love your "Rock My World"

Susan Tuttle said...

Hiya Kim,
I hope you had a fabulous, relaxing, creative and soulful weekend with your friend. Great driving tune! Brings me back to high school days.


Susan Tuttle said...

Beautiful page!