Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Acts of Queen-ness - A Guerilla Artist Fairy Tale

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Our story begins on a cool but beautiful day in Almost-Spring.

Our heroine is the Lovely Queen of Arts.

This Queen needed to escape the Castle. "Time for some Guerrilla Action." she thought.

"It is time to ..."

So the Queen went to the Royal Studio and played with her own hand carved "Q of A" rubber stamp and a few other toys to create these :

She came up with some Q of A quotes to adorn the backs :

She called for her loyal servant :

And off they went to commit Random Acts of Queen-ness, Guerrilla Art Style !

First stop : a tree in a local park.

The Queen tied a Royal Tag onto the tree in plain view of a local peasant sitting on the bench across the way, but she was not interrupted.

Her Majesty then found this lovely tree with bark bright red. "I must leave my mark on this magnificent tree." she thought.

And she tied another Royal Tag, this time with a quote she adored, among its boughs.

As the Queen and her loyal servant continued along their path, they came upon a sight that reminded the Queen of an Art adventure she had taken long ago.

For there on a metal pole, in the middle of the "Park With Even Less", was a remnant from a walk the Queen had taken with Tags sent to her all the way from the other side of the planet. Tags sent to the Queen by the famous Guerrilla Artist, grrl +dog, way back in October, 2008.

The season had taken its toll on the Australia Tag :

It had lost its vibrancy and the stamp grrl had put on it to the elements.

It no longer shone with its previous brilliance.

(Memory shot - October, 2008 )

The Queen was saddened to see that time had taken its toll on the Australian Tag, just as it had on her own eyes with their beginnings of crows feet and their need for bifocal lenses.

"Our youth is gone, my friend." whispered the Queen to the withered tag, quietly so the peasants did not get frightened by the fact that their Liege was talking to herself in the park.

And then the Queen's inner artist took over. Youth may be gone but in its place : Artsy Wisdom.

The Wise Queen tied two of her bright, newly created tags on to the pole, one above and one below the worn Australia one placed there so long ago.

She thought to herself : "I may be older by a season or two, but I have learned that Any Time is the right time to dress things up and have a Good Time !"

We're here for a good time

Not a long time

So have a good time

The Sun can't shine everyday.


sherry lee said...

How much fun is this, when the Queen of Arts creates a Guerilla Fairy Tale!!! Amazing things when the Queen gets into her random acts of queen-ness!! ♥

michelle ward said...

You kill me with your "reporting", and royal mission to spread the love. Love the carved Queen, and the tags, and the idea, and the girl behind it all. BTW, Happy Anniversary!! Raising a glass *clink*

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim, this is just too much fun! I absolutely love your attitude, my dear. You are a marvelous queen! Love that stamp as well!

Genie Sea said...

How fun and fantastic! :)

Kate said...

I love this idea, It seems to be an extension of the rocks. I love the queen stamp too.


Dawn Supina said...

Fairytales are such fun adventures! Looks like you had a blast.

carolyn said...

i love your story and what a fun way to spend part of your day! did your "loyal servant" accompany you on your mission?

i would love to come across one of those tags! i would have taken it home! :-)
btw, i tried carving a stamp yesterday afternoon!
i need to blog about it!
happy friday!!!

Jennifer said...

Go get 'em Queen! I love the pic of your royal servant, such a sweetheart!

JeriAnn said...

I hope the royal foot servants had a hot toddy and toasty slippers ready when you returned, Your Highness!

How wonderful to be walking and come across these guerilla acts of love. The subjects in your kingdom are indeed lucky.

Debbie said...

That is so great. I wish I could come upon something like that when I'm out!

Kate said...


I really want to do this. Are you sealing the tags to protect from the elements or anything like that?


Olivia said...

I too love this post, Kim.

Seth said...

Nice job! Would be great to come across one of those tags!

lynne h said...

woo! i love this guerilla-ing and your queen stamp, kim! happy sunday! xo

Julie said...

Kim, your blog is awesome and this post is very magical. Love it!

Anonymous said...


So gorgeous.. I have gone all mushy.
Queen you have honoured the tag, and given it new life. Good that your trusty and loyal servant assisted you.

it will be good to see how long yours stay and if anyone takes them home.

arlene said...

Your Royal Highness served her subjects well! Such charitable acts of Art surely become her position.
I love the idea, and the reality, of a Queen taking it upon herself (Herself?) to spread joy and beauty in her Kingdom.
I LOVE your Queen stamp!
xo arlene

LoLa said...

This put me in such a good mood! I'm grinning like my boston terrier! Thanks. So happy to have visited.