Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sometimes You Have To Leap !

So what do you do when life puts some big obstacle across your path ?

Sometimes you need to

(Rock My World rock walk adventure - March 2009)

Have you wondered at all about the Rock My World adventures ? They are still on going, though winter has been a s l o w season for the most part. Little painted love rocks quickly get lost in the big bad white snow so there was no leaving them outside over the winter. I did give a few bags full away as gifties for Christmas. Many people I gave them to have been doing a great job of spreading the LOVE ! Tomorrow, I will give you a little Rock My World Update.

For now, it is just too beautiful a day to sit at the computer ! Off to drop a special give-away package in the mail to a Commuter friend, and then to enjoy the snow melting sun and the warm Spring weather in NH !

Happy Tuesday !


sherry lee said...

Leap your way through this beautiful day Kim -- I'm off to do the same!!

Commuter's Journal said...

I agree -- this is a day to commute by foot and soak in the sunshine! Maybe even look for a brave crocus about to bloom.

I love the LEAP rock -- my sentiments exactly as I am so much more a looker than a leaper but trying to do both.

I think I will go leap outside to my mailbox and set up camp there in the sun. ;-)

Genie Sea said...

Leap, my friend, leap! :)

I am looking forward to reading your menu selection :) Hugs!

Olivia said...

What fun, what fun, Kim! I love seeing your rocks...they look so familiar and make my heart beat faster. xo, O

Debbie said...

It was a great day! I did five loads of laundry and hung them all out to dry.

Funky Art Queen said...

Rockin my world! I think it is such a reflection of the kind of person that you are that you are doing this girlie. HUGS and keep on rockin our world.

michelle ward said...

I love to think of some person seeing that fallen tree and then huffing to themself that they'll have to hike a leg over it and about mid-hike they catch your "leap" rock in the corner of their eye and they almost fall. It's like getting a wink from someone who had already been in that same predicament. You are a Rock Fairy.

Jennifer said...

Hey there! I have a painting in my kitchen that says Leap!! Thank you for this post. Big ol' hugs to you for this post :)

carolyn said...

hey kim! it looks like spring is finally leaping its way into march! what a beautiful day!
i'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy this sunshiny day!


Shelly said...

HI Kim! Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I LOVE the positive focus of your art and your blog. The world needs more people like YOU! -Shelly

kathymccreedy said...

Hey girlfriend,
your tiny words of encouragement and love are so cool... love seeing your photos of them in unusual places... I think I may try doing the same with the lovely ones you made for me! Love you!