Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank you for the rainbows, Daddy.

So today is the 13th anniversary of my Dad's death. It is strange how when you lose someone, some years the anniversaries are harder or more poignant than others. This year, there is a real bittersweetness to how I am feeling. In our time together on this Earth, our father/daughter relationship definitely had its ups and downs. But this year as I remember him, I feel the need to make a bit of a tribute to my Dad...to light the usual candle, to mark the day and to say a few things about him through this, my farthest reaching forum.

Daddy - Circa 1994

While blog visiting this morning, I can across Sherry's (Everyday Possibilities) post, where she was pondering the differences between living your life and experiencing your life. As I read the post, it came to me that that is the greatest gift that my father gave to me and to my two younger sisters. He taught us to experience life, not just live it.

Daddy and me - Circa 1969

Daddy and me - My High School Graduation - 1983

He taught us to smell the moss and lichen on the wooden paths we walked on. He made us watch the wide and beautiful wingspan of a hawk as it flew over our heads. He showed us the wonders of night skies filled with shooting stars, as glorious as any fireworks show. He would awaken us early on Sunday mornings to the sounds of Vivaldi's Spring, full blast ! Or encourage us to dance like mayday nymphs to the Stones' "She's Like A Rainbow" on the front lawn at the cottage.

(Magritte inspired Stained Glass by my Dad - hanging in my studio)

He reminded us to stop and enjoy the sweet touches of a warm summer breeze on your face or the cold tingly refresher that lake water gives your skin when you go night swimming . He taught us what food tastes like when it is made with love and with care for how it will feel in your mouth. He taught us to appreciate art and architecture and the splendors of nature's many landscapes. He taught us through his own love of all of these things. He taught us by example.

(My Dad's House - marker and ink drawing by my Dad 1978)

My Father taught us how to experience life through all of our senses and to acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of things all around us. What better lesson could any parent wish to teach their children ? He was far from perfect as a parent. What hope does any parent have of being perfect in this imperfect world ? But he taught us this one lesson so very perfectly. Experience life, my girls, experience life.

Here are a few of the hundreds Daddy Memory Tunes to experience, if you feel like it. Here's to you, beautiful Daddy, "Thank You, Father !"

Shes like a rainbow - Rolling Stones


michelle ward said...

Kim - beautiful tribute. In sharing your father, you share more of yourself, and spread his message even wider. I will EXPERIENCE today, thanks Kim's Daddy.


sherry lee said...

I love that your father taught you about things that matter...things that you have carried and will continue to carry with you..and the most fitting tribute to this man who formed your life is that you have carried on withe experiencing these things. I also love that you recognize his imperfections as a parents...and amen...who has a parent and who is a parent who is perfect? What beautiful thoughts you've shared here Kim ♥

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! What a loving, thoughtful, and beautiful tribute to your Dad! :-)

Jennifer said...

Wow! What a beautiful tribute and amazing gifts that your father gave you. I hope that I can give even some of that to my son!

JeriAnn said...

What a great tribute and a great legacy, Kim! It's obvious where you got your artistic talent and artist's eye.

One of the things that struck me was how different your father seemed in each of the three photos. It made me reflect on how we remain the same and yet evolve through life's journey. May we all grow in ways that allow us to celebrate life, no matter what our age, just as your father did.

Hugs to you on this day of remembering.

Anonymous said...

Love you sweet Kim.
Your heart is in the right place.
The memories of times good and bad make up who we were and how we feel today. Thirteen years is like yesterday, Yves lives on in what we have become.
My good brother we all miss you so.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Kim, you carry your daddy with you still. He's in his heart, your voice, your thoughts...everything you do. Experiencing life is really what it's all about. Hugs to you.

Genie Sea said...

Hugs Sweetheart! What an amazingly touching and beautiful tribute. Thank goodness I have tissues near my desk :)What a wonderful soul your father is :)

Anonymous said...

I agree...really moving...EXPERIENCE!

Karin said...

Kim, that was a truly loving tribute to your father. I enjoyed getting to know him through the life experiences he helped bring to light, your good memories, and his artwork! A beautiful way to focus your heart for today. love to you, and a thanks to your dad for the awarenesses you carry on for him,

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Well, with goosebumps on my skin and tears on my cheeks I will try to write how beautiful this post is to me. You know I've spent awhile now worrying about losing my dad. I lost my mom just about 13 years ago and I have be reliving that pain and sorrow and wondering if I am ready to be parentless as I faced the very real possibility of my dad not surviving his battle he is waging currently. And, your post reminds me and reteaches the lesson that those we hold so dear are always with us, always guiding us, always living and carrying on in all that we do. So, thank you for sharing your heart and your love for your dad and for sharing his life. He has touched me through you.

And, thank you for all of your good thoughts, wishes and support recently. It has meant more than you know. You are truly special.

aliceinparis said...

Thanks for popping by for a visit! This is a lovely tribute to your dad! My father passed away 8 years ago this year and I miss him everyday:( Dads are special.

Olivia said...

I loved this tribute to your father. I agree with the commenters who wrote that you carry his legacy in your life. Much love, O

carolyn said...

kim, this was a wonderful post you wrote. i'm all teary-eyed now because it brings back memories of my own father's passing 13 years ago.

your dad has taught you so many wonderful life lessons that shape the wonderful soul you have become. he would be proud.
i also see where your artistic talent comes from.
thank you for sharing.
{{{hugs}}} carolyn

arlene said...

oh Kim! I had a hard time not crying my eyes out as I read this. (Ok, I DID cry my eyes out!) It is a beautiful, heart felt expression of the love you carry and the sweet memories you cherish!
My dad has been gone almost a year and I feel his absence everyday. And yes, though wasn't perfect, he was the very best father he could be and isn't that all that can be expected of any of us...to be the best we can be?
xo arlene

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?