Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here in the Gallery of Broken Hearts

Two day, two page spread in the art journal.

So in love with Twinkling H2O’s paints as a final layer on top of InkIntense Water color pencils and Neo Color crayons. That, plus my white paint pens and my India Ink and dip pen is all I have been using to get the colors that I want these days…








I would be lying if I said this was an easy, breezy weekend. It has actually been kind of a hard one, in spite of some really great moments in the midst of other things. A lot of loved ones in my world were hurting, and it made me hurt too.

Had to keep turning to what I love to do, to stay inthe moment as much as possible and just coast. Seems to be the theme these days for me. But you know what ? It is all bad at all.

This weekend, what I loved the most was spending some time with a dear girlfriend, doing lunch and shopping a bit.

I loved snuggling and sharing gratitude with my Husband, our nightly ritual on good days and bad .

I loved losing myself (and finding myself) in my art making process, in color, in music, in this moment.

Now, I am going to go out and get some sunrays as it is warm and bright in NH today. The ice is melting away big time…

Got to keep my strength up, Beautiful Ones ! There is a whole lot of loving work to do !

Do what you love today.

Big Love !

(The title of this post comes from the lyrics of this Ingrid Michaelson song that I love and that fits me today. I just want me, and you and all of us to be okay...)


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Hello my friend. Such beautiful pages. Hope you have a lovely relaxing Sunday. xo tam

Commuter's Journal said...

Sorry to hear it was a tough weekend, Kim, but the ice is melting -- a harbinger of good things to come. Hang in there and remember, this too shall pass.

Big love back at you, my friend.

Terri said...

Oh well said! I am so grateful that we can choose to help ourselves feel better. I turn to art as well to help me be present, grounded and to feel alive.
Your journal pages are fabulous! I love shimmering H2O's as well.
I love all your little images and colors.
Hugs of love,

patti said...

Sorry things are hard for you right now Kim. A journal page can whisk you away from troubles for a while.

I've got to get me some india ink. I love the way your colours are so intense!

We've just had a break in our weather too - a heatwave for a whole week ... phew! Glad it's over!

Kate said...


What luscious pages come out of you sad times. You come up with good ideas. I have never thought to layer twinkling h2o's. I have a bunch of them that I rarely use. I will have to remember that.

wishing you bright skies this lovely day!


beth said...

can you believe that we have had enough sun to melt all the snow off the streets and sidewalks ?

i didn't know i loved concrete....

and shortly i will screaming my lungs out at the tv as we watch our packers....

i hope my voice is gone tomorrow...but only if they win.

Lynn said...

Love those colorful bright so well done journal pages!!!

Anonymous said...

the gratitude you fee

is bouncing right out of the


slommler said...

Love your bright journal pages!! Fabulous!!

Chel said...

So sorry you had a tough weekend. :( :( But I have to say, those journal pages are so beautiful. I'm glad you found a silver lining :)

iHanna said...

Oh wow, I love this beautiful spread Kim! So much to look at and such vibrant lovely colours, like poetry! Hope the week will have LOTS more moments of joy!

Boonie S said...

You’re so positive in the face of adversity. Well done.

All the best, Boonie

Lorraine said...

excellent page with real feeling to journalling is a great way to express emotions and it is evident in this page..thanks for stopping by my blog and hoping the spring arrives for you too