Friday, July 27, 2012

Haiku My Heart–Hibiscus Dance

Hibiscus Dance


Donning your red skirt,

You dance for this one sweet day.

But oh, how you dance !






Let’s put on our red skirts and dance the day away, Brave & Beautiful Ones !

Happy Friday !

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Sherry said...

This is lovely...fresh and make me feel like dancin' -- keep feeling the beat beautiful one! xoxo

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Delightful! Excellent photography ~ Dance while you can is my motto! ~ ~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

Spadoman said...

This is pretty damn cool! That first photo looks like a dancing skirt, and it made me think of your post with the red skirt and dancing. Then, you post it. I smiled a big broad smile and am so taken by your kindness and verve for love and life.

Much Peace dear friend

Dianne said...

I've always though that hibiscus flowers looked like the skirts of whirling dancers! Glad you agree! Please see my Friday haiku here: http//

deb did it said...

yes yes yes! Let's all dance.
You are so adorable!!

somepinkflowers said...

how wonderful your ~courage~ rock
can wear a red skirt
dance, too!

i am dancing barefoot
in my studio
for every day is
'''this one sweet day'''
is it not?

Dawn Elliott said...

Such delicious beauty and sentiment...and then you surprised me with your red skirt blazing! Awesome post!!!

Karen said...

Dance like no one is watching! A refreshing post Kim!

rebecca said...

dear sweet you,

you have a way of shaking everything up and pouring it all out reconfigured in LOVE!

thank you for your bright red blessing!

Lea said...

Hello Kim, I love this! Shaking out that luscious hibiscus and finding it swirling around you! Yes, let us dance this day, where ever we might be! Thank you!

anthonynorth said...

Enjoyed that. Nice one.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What an invitation! How can I refuse?

Eastern Sky Aflame (with Fence)

Annie said...

I want to join you!!

jgr said...

One of my very favorite flowers, and OH, I love the pic of you in the red skirt, you really know how to dance!

Kate said...

Oh lovely I always loved seeing you in that red tutu. So full of life and promise. Thanks for sharing that.

Leo said...

Oh what a beautiful way to describe the hibiscus after the rain :)


Marit said...

Wow wow wow... you could not have said it better. Wonderful haiku!! Oh, and I want a red skirt! Ha! Let's dance soulsister!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out that tutu and crown. Way to go you dancing Queen of the Big Heart you. xox