Monday, July 16, 2012

Just the half of it !

The breathtaking views…




my sweet charge, Luna-girl…


Creative juices flowing and flowing…



Visits from bunnies…



and hunny bunnies 

(I know, gag, gag, gag, but he is the sweetest hunny bunny I know !)

Journal pages coming from a whole new place and voice and inspiration…










Feeling as beautiful as the sights before me…


Gathering up the sweet, sweet energy…



and knowing what it feels like to be completely alive.


And that’s just the half of it!

Honestly !

Winking smile

My ten days in Vermont paradise

at the family home of my beautiful artist friend, Elizabeth,

brought me back to feeling like Mother Nature’s child.

It was a precious, precious time and I am so very grateful and blessed.

And full up !

Let the flow continue…


Kathy said...

Inspiring photos, art, and sentiments, Lovely One.
I'm so glad your life is filled with such joy and beauty!

Deb said...

Love how Mother Nature truly took control of your art...glad you allowed her to inspire you. I love the bee balm alive! Thanks for sharing!

jgr said...

Awesome beauty! First the scenery is gorgeous - no wonder you were so inspired. Also, I love your journal pages and those small sketchbooks that look handmade-so beautiful. Your hunny bunny is cute, too.

bacon said...

Wow! Such beauty and inspiration! And you, my sweet friend, are the most beautiful of all. So glad your trip was full of such wonder.

beth said...

what a gift you were given and you lived it to the fullest...i can see it in your eyes. your spirit is flying high....continue to soar with it :)

Stephanie said...

What a re-TREAT! for you and your dear one.

Looks like you filled your soul with light and inspiration...enough to carry you forward.


Birdie said...

What a bliss-filled post. Love it!
Bunnies and honey bunnies two favorites of mine.
Glad you're back. You've been missed.

Dianne said...

And you are as beautiful as the sights around you! I call my hubby Hunny Bunny too! Love the journal pages, vignettes and energy bundles! And Miss Luna too... Glad you are full up!

LuLu Kellogg said...

What a lovely setting to be in to create art! I am loving all the new pieces you have created!!!

Happy Happy!

rebecca said...

the last photograph of you dear girl says it all!
precious. full. radiant. joyful. loving you!


Lynn said...

It's always a joy to come visit you the photos, the art work, journal pages and the pair of you hunny bunnies shmooching.

I have been wanting to tell you how appreciated your word rocks are. "True" "Love" sit on our bathroom sink area for us to see each morning, a message from me to him. And vice versa whether he thinks of the rocks at all.
And that a client chose two for herself in my office and the next weeks said her little grand daughter wnated one so I gave her "twinkle". Seemed so appropriate.

Others sit on my book cases there for others to find.

I've given others away but I can't recall who took/got what. Just know they are enjoyed.

Thanks again and again and again.

Jess said...

Your bring the beauty of your surroundings and yourself to us Kim! I love your arrangement of precious things on the table, it makes me feel calm and happy to look at them. Thankyou for sharing the joy.:)
Jess xx

rachel awes said...

we have these same bunnies on our block and i adore them!!!
i just love all your art/literally on paper + also in photo + experience + rock + life.
you are gorrrgeous xox

eb said...

"woof - I miss you!" she said...
wagging, smiling and thoroughly spoiled...
a lovely rain cooled things off this morning - yes - I am playing in the turquoise and orange palette - little tins that carry tiny journals inside, like pages of a caribbean dream...
my dream play is moving forward - so inspired...

love you shining one,
xox - eb.

Kate said...

Were you house sitting for EB? You can really see her influence in your latest work. Just beautiful. It looks like a lovely place to be. Your small journal makes me think of one I made a long time ago but have never finished sewing it together. Yikes I want to put that on my to- do list.

Thanks for sharing your journey.


Marit said...

nature, your stay, peace and quiet and love is doing you good dear friend. It shows in your pics. On your face. In your art. It makes me smile on the other side of the ocean. Sending you a big hug!

Chel said...

You ARE beautiful, my dear! And your art inspires me SO much- it feels so organic and seasonal (and I mean that in the best way- like the exact right art for the exact right moment...) and just what I needed to see. Thank you for bringing sunshine and blue skies to me on what started out as such a dreary day. <3

Corrine at said...

Transformation is a wonderful thing. Lovely, soft direction to your work there, the place is speaking to you. xox

Sherry said...

Good deeds beget good deeds beget goodness in so many were doing eb a favour...and the favour was returned to you in so many delightful ways. xo

rebecca said...

you my darling,
are all about the light!

Ophelia said...

Gorgeous photos and work. I am so inspired by your blog!! Will definitely visit again.

Linda E said...

i miss you.