Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Peeps Day !


This made me smile this morning.


Love having these peeps here !


We’re headed back to the beach today !


And we are oh so happy about it !

Happy Wednesday !


Sherry said...

A girl after mine own heart...look at all the shoes she brought!!! And how many he brought!!! lol!!! Love the photographs and the happy smiling faces! Glad that you are all enjoying time together! ♥

beth said...

oh the happiness !!!

and i love me a pile of shoes left behind by loved ones....the bigger the pile the better !!!

Corrine at said...

Cute peeps I say. xox

Kate said...

That Kate is sure growing up, what a girl she is. Have fun.


Terri said...

Oh wow! So precious!
I am so happy you are having fun : )

Nadeja said...

Love, ocean, funny kids, jokes, food, sand, animals, people, kindness, did I say Love? What could be better? xoxoxox
Love you. So glad you are having fun. mom

eb said...

oh oh oh!
I am smiling too
love the shoe gathering
and that polka dot suit!?!
someone must have an arty auntie...

xox - eb.

somepinkflowers said...

helllu, kim!
i am staying at the beach
now myself
for a while
i would certainly B remiss
if i did not pop in
to say
how i am looking forward
to being art*camp mates
with you soon!

i will met you in person
and that will B loverly
for moi....

oh boy!
oh boy!