Thursday, August 16, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Refilling the Bucket

So I find myself depleted.

depleted past participle, past tense of de·plete (Verb)

Verb: 1. Use up the supply of; exhaust the abundance of, 2.diminish in number or quantity.

Jen Louden, whose blog is called “Savor and Serve the World”, wrote this blog post entitled “Stop the cycle of over-providing”. I read it yesterday and it was one of those moments where you just know the Universe was giving you that crystal clear message you were looking for.

I am depleted from overproviding for everyone else but myself.

So today, now,

I have no choice if I want to live the one precious life the way my Soul truly wants me to live.

Today, now,

I am going to deepen my practice of belonging to myself, as Jen suggests as an antidote to this depleted feeling.

Today is going to be all about me, in the very best, super healthiest way possible.


And along the way I know I will find joy.

Take good care of you, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !


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PS : Happy Birthday to my beautiful Writer-Lady friend, Patti Digh, and also to her amazing daughter, Emma. Love and light to you both !


Olivia said...

Good for you, My Queen! I love the what people say: "Even Jesus ate" and those who help others a lot need even more to take time to refill their bucket. I hope that your bucket is full and overflows today with Big Love! xoO

Meri said...

That's the challenge for those of us with tender hearts and the urge to serve. I understand your struggle. And I'm here, throwing rose petals along your path of self nurture.

Sherry said...

I love it when the universe speaks and gives us what we need at exactly the right moment. I heard the "tired" in your words yesterday. I am so pleased that you have found the place to go and replenish and restore your "love bucket". Over providing is in the nature of those who are sensitive...being sure to provide for ourselves...becomes a practice. ♥

Kate said...

Oh it is so easy to get to that state. You want to do all these other things and then whammy you realize you ar spent. Time to retreat and take care of you is so important. Enjoy your time an come back to yourself. be kind.


Stephanie said...

Good for's an intention I need to embrace because I too am feeling overwhelmed with commitments that I THINK I need to fulfill...but do I? It would all get along just fine without me.

thanks for this gentle reminder

Mary said...

Immerse yourself in "your" day! May you be refreshed!


jgr said...

What a great message and - I love the picture of you looking so happy and Queenlike. Enjoy your day!

foxysue said...

No one deserves your time more than you do, the balance is a precarious thing though, happy well filling. x

joanne said...

I have no children, and don't really work, so I can make most every day about me.....and I would advise you to make time for yourself each day.....helps with stress....

Dianne said...

Yes sometimes we have to put ourselves first... Take care of you!

SueAnn Lommler said...

You are so right. We always put others ahead of our own needs. SIgh!
Have a fabulous day.

rachel awes said...

this also resonates strongly for me...although just back from vacation + lots to do, will try to pace...sending lots of love to you + support in belonging to you!!! xoxoxoo

rebecca said...

dear sweet you...there is wisdom here and i love you for drinking it in deeply, and sharing it too!