Sunday, August 19, 2012

Listen to your Longing…


I have been kind of waiting

to get back into my art journal practice.

Waiting until I had more time.

Waiting until I finished all my Rock Fairy orders.

Waiting and also of yearning and longing.

This morning,

Sunday morning,

I decided to take some of the advice the Universe has been sending my way.

What if this was your one day ?

What are you really waiting for ?

Live your life as if…

Do it now.

I took the advice and dove in…


Using Tattered Angel Glitter Mists, sepia ink with a dip pen, bits of silk sari scraps and my creative juices,

out came this three page spread in a 16 page journal made from Teesha Moore’s technique.


Doodles, and my own play on this quote “Let your Life be A Poem” from Patti Digh.


Eucalyptus leaves as masks then doodled over…


A poem to my Self.


New seeds planted and growing.


It feels good to belong to myself just a little bit more.


Happy Sunday, Beautiful Ones !

Postcards from Paradise is hosted each Sunday

by the lovely Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon.


Mary said...

Love all the meaning and symbolism!
It's a beauty to see!


beth said...

love that poem SO MUCH and i love your alien like plantings that are blooming :)
happy sunday sweet girl !!

Stephanie said...

happy to see the journal play here...enJOY!

rebecca said...

dear sweet kim,
thank you for gracing my heart with yours. i am sitting here profoundly filled by each offering in today's postcards from paradise. each person slowing down to revel in the beauty and wisdom around them. gratitude and relishing each moment make for a beautiful art of living!


Meri said...

Every time you do a post like this, it makes me pause for just a minute and think. . . maybe I should do an art journal. But then I realize I've got plenty of writing to do on the memoir and I come to my senses. But I'm ever so glad that you DO art journal, even when you've got a million rocky fairy orders.

foxysue said...

A poem to self that sounds so nourishing, lavishing in the moments with words and images, now the bucket must be getting full! x

Sherry said...

I'm glad that you stopped "waiting" ♥

Paula said...

Oh, I am loving this and loving that you gave yourself the gift of time! Utterly, utterly gorgeous, Kim!

somepinkflowers said...

about this posting
to me, kim!

lovely journal art
inspires & delights...

sometimes i feel like
making my art
is the desert of the day
i must wait
until chores are done...

do you do that?

when, really,
making my art is my Nourishment
should B started ASAP
with morning

Anonymous said...

Love your sprouted seeds, so different for you but so freeing. xox

Dianne said...

Lovely poem... inspiring pages... wonderful advise... Thanks for sharing...

jgr said...

Wonderful journaling and congrats to you for 'seizing the moment'. I love that phrase: What if this is your ONE day?. Beautiful!!

Kate said...

It's lovely to be spending time with you and your journal again. Such lovely words and sentiment. What a treat to see you posting on a Sunday.

Olivia said...

I am glad you stopped waiting, My Queen, and dove in. I too wait. But today for my birthday, LoveHubbie is going to do art with me here in a few minutes. No longer waiting! My long-neglected art supplies are beckoning.

This is so different style...and I like it a lot. Yes, do it now! I'm taking that advice. xoO

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderfully creative journal ~ love it! Wow! ( A Creative Harbor)

gma said...

Your words "It feels good to belong to myself just a little bit more." are so true. I too love playing and working this way..

eb said...

your longing is calling
your very own sweet name
your life is indeed
a poem
I too
know this longing
so very well
was my day as well
(and more to come)
spaciousness and light...

I might even art journal
on the walls...


xox - eb.

bacon said...

love, love and more love!

nacherluver said...

I don't often comment, but I'm here reading. Had to comment on this one as I am absorbing this one deeply. Thank you for the wonderful share. Love the growing seeds. Blessings to you.

Annie said...

"Live your life as if . . " Truly a message overflowing with abundant meaning.

Marit said...

I feel like coming to the surface to get some air after a tropical hot hot weekend... I am glad you spend it well though! I'm still rusty, have to find my way back - but your post inspires me to do.just.that. NOW!

Nadeja said...

You are a sunshine of my life! Shine on beautiful one! I love the art! Makes me feel like joining in. I haven't thought about art these days...but you inspire me!
Beautiful persistant, inspiring, spirit of Love! You Shine my girl. Shine on, shine on!
I love you, Mom

LuLu Kellogg said...

You always make me have a happy with your art! LOVE this!


Charlene said...

I'm just starting to journal so these pages caught my eye! LOVE watercolor & these colors are divine. Thanks for sharing.

Fallingladies said...

These new Pages are wonderful, you can see the changes in them in how you create lately! Just a slight difference in style!....I just received my rocks in the mail, i haven't opened them yet, i am waiting till my lunch hour when i won't be interupted! I am excited!Also, i will talk to my mom and ask about her crochet rocks..
Take care!

Deb Crecelius said...

Happy day, back to you!
Love seeing your art journal pages.

Chel said...

wow. WOW! so inspired. It's like petroglyphs from a deep lost part of your soul asking to be summoned.