Thursday, August 9, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Gifts to Give and Receive…

From this week’s Joy List…


Visiting the Rock Fairy’s supplier. How blessed am I that rock picking takes place at the beach ?


This cat is the softest kitty in the Universe. And she loves me !


Our beautiful Rose of Sharon plant is in full bloom.

Microfleur Max Press

My sweet hubby ordered me this very cool microwave flower press that my friend Colleen introduced me to…


so now I can preserve some of the beauty and add it into my art work !


The orders for 37 Days Rock My World rocks have been amazingly abundant ! It is a little overwhelming, in fact. I never thought it would get quite this big ! I have received orders for about 100 bags of rocks so far !

But I have a great team of people that are going to help me reach my goal to help out with the financial challenges that John and Patti are facing. My husband David is just amazing and is working as hard as I am to get this heart work done ! Thank you so much, my Hunny Bunny. 

If you would like to help Patti and John as well, there is now a site organized their friends by Amy McCracken and Colleen Wainwright where you can make a financial contribution and/or leave a note of love and support.


Visit the John F. Ptak Relief Fund site.

I hope your week is full of joy, to give and to receive.

Big Love, Beautiful Ones !


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Lynn said...

Love SEEING you at your "work site" the beach!
Love that we have cats from the same family as mine could be yours twin!
Love that you do good works for others and that so many other good people respond to help.

Many, many blessings on you!!!

Meri said...

Two of Patti's books are within reach from where I sit. I'm pouring love in their direction -- and yours, too, for you have an enormous, compassionate heart and the love you give is returned.

Meri said...

Actually -- make that three, though the third is only in reach if I roll my chair backwards several feet. The only one I don't have is the newest one, so I'll have to remedy that.

Stephanie said...

What sad news...but HAPPY to see your outpouring of love and support.

what a huge heart you have...what a wonderful friend.

all my thoughts...light and love coming Patti's way.

rebecca said...

dear sweet you,

your heart ROCKS! always a giver of great encouragement and light; now your love pours out to bring many together to help one in need.
perfect joy!

Sherry said...

Always ready with your heart and your hands to lend support and love...and that man of yours? He rocks too!!

I love the bit about the beach being your cute..but so true!!! ♥

Leovi said...

Nice pictures, beautiful flower. Greetings.

foxysue said...

You once said your work "is to spread love", I know that can be heavy work for the more you spread the more comes back to be given out again as with your rock orders, so I'm happy to note that 'your love' is there for back-up! :~)

Thanks for the lovely comment on my post. x

bacon said...

A little birdie told me to give someone an award today. I award you with spreading the most wonderful joy!

beth said...

seriously, could your heart be any bigger? i think not....what you are doing for this family is beyond amazing !!

since i have so many of your lovely rocks {yes people, i'm that lucky} i will be giving towards the other fund that has been set up.

you are amazing. i hope you know that !!!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Those rocks have the ability to circle the globe and spread the contagion of joy. Kudos to you.

Nadeja said...

Giving! That is what life is about. It gives us a raison d'etre - a reason for living. The reason for living is to give and by giving we are given "ten fold" it has been said. So giving good things brings us more good things. I see so much abundance in your life precious one. It is evidence of your giving. I am so proud to be your mom. Blessins and love to Patti and her loved ones. Her hubby seems like a giver and although I would choose an easier way to receive, I feel that all this kindness will help him heal and come through this. I add big prayers.
Love you Kimmy.