Friday, September 28, 2012

Haiku My Heart–The Gifts that keep on giving…


These everyday gifts

Mine to revel in and love

Gratitude abounds.


I was walking out of a store at a strip mall this week and looked up to see these :



The photos aren’t great but as I snapping them, this woman walked towards me on the side walk, looking quizzically at me, wondering what I was doing.

I said to her “Look at these leaves ! Aren’t they beautiful ?”

She had this look of confusion on her face, almost mistrusting, but I think my big smile made her pause and really look at what I was referring to.

She looked up, studied the leaves for a moment or two and replied,

“You know, yes, they are !”

She smiled at me as if to thank me for sharing, and kept walking.

Now, this story is no big deal, I know,

but it is one of those everyday gifts that has started to come to me when I focus on what is beautiful and good in my world.

I don’t do it all the time, but when I remember to BE where I am, and really look around me,

man, are there gifts to receive !!!


I brought a few of the leaves home and dried them in my microwave flower press.

I think they will keep their magnificent color that way.


Don’t they look wonderful with this other sweet gift I received from my friend Andrea’s mom ?

A cozy rock with a crocheted cozy ! I love it sooooo much ! Thank you, Barb and Andrea, you talented mother and daughter duo !

Speaking of mother/daughter duos,

(cool segue, eh ?)

my Mom is coming for the weekend !!! Yay !!!!


It doesn’t look like we will have the kind of beach weather we had when she was here in May,

but we will make fun whatever the weather !

Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !

Remember to keep looking for beauty !

For more haiku from the heart, visit the glorious rebecca at receurda mi corazon


Mary said...

Kim the story IS a big deal. you were present in the moment, you did not pass it by, and because you did you enabled someone else to pause too. we live too fast...too unaware of the gifts around us.

Thank you my friend!


have a great weekend with your Mom!

rebecca said...

it is a wonderful wisdom to know, really believe and know, that beauty surrounds us even in our darkest hours. sometimes trust is the filter that sets us free!

beautiful heart...i love knowing that you and your mother will be together this weekend. and that you inspired a passer bye to slow down and look closely at life.


Sherry said...

You know I love the sharing...the noticing and then speaking to someone else to talk about the "notice" and then to have that person realize and recognize what you are seeing and being grateful that you shared! That's what life is supposed to be!!!!

Happy mom/daughter time. No matter the weather, no matter what you do -- it will be wonderful because it's special time with just you two! xoxo

Fallingladies said...

I am feeling lucky as i took the afternoon off to go to an appt that was then moved back, so a bit of free time for me as a result! A gift fr me, glad you like the rock, and those leaves are beautiful! Glad you could help that woman notice! It's all there for us!

Rachel said...

Beautiful gifts and wonderful gratitude! Have a great time with your mother this weekend!

Spadoman said...

That story IS a big deal. You spent a moment of your life enjoying Peace On Earth. Wonderful to share the miracle of the natural world with a stranger.
Love the haiku and the significance to a full and loving life. Thank you for sharing.

Much Peace

beth said...

hi sweetie....
it's good to be back in blog land....especially here in your beautiful, love filled space....xo

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

haiku, photo and creations filled with 'wisdom of the now' ~ lovely ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Dianne said...

Yes they are beautiful! Your story reminded me of the other day when I stopped and asked a lady if I could take pictures of her caladiums! She was very puzzled, but when I told her I was documenting my bicycle commute on my blog, she thought it was wonderful! Her caladiums will be in my 3rd or 4th installation of "Why I Love my Bicycle Commute." So stay tuned and have a lovely time with your mom! I miss mine so...

Nadeja said...

Another precious post!!! and I'm here in person to enjoy the wonders of your creations!!! You rock my girl! I love you,

foxysue said...

You are so right, every one is a work of art, how can they be missed! Makes me think of an old biblical saying - "Happy are those who have eyes to see".

Lovely weekend to you and yours. x

Laura said...

magical discoveries...I love this season!

Corrine at said...

Beautiful leaves like painted hearts. Amazing that suspicion is the first thing people feel instead of curiosity isn't it? Have fun with Mom. xox

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Sweet! Colourful (and I like seeing any colour other than the abundance of black and yellow stripes I have been seeing)! And how wonderful Mom is there. Give her a hug from her "other" Kim, would you? It is grey and cool and ominous here - perfect October weather. Wait a minute - it's not October yet!

how to climb said...

beautiful. liked your blog. thanks.

Stephanie said...

Isn't it amazing and beautiful and just plain magical what happens when we open ourselves to SEEing. These leaves are incredible! Leaves within leaves.

You and your mom are beautiful together...hope you enjoyed a great weekend! happy October!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Gifts are where you find them--or where they find you!

I’m late making the rounds from Haiku My Heart Friday. Apologies!

Words to the Wise

Marit said...

Sorry for being so late on this 'haiku round'... but now I have time to stop and take the time to read it all and are amazed over the beautiful leaves! Yes, encounters like this make life worthwhile! You spread love and kindness whereever you are dear! I hope you had a wonderful time with your mom!!