Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Joys of a Staycation

From this week’s Joy List…

David and I were supposed to be on vacation at a camper in Maine this week.

But Issac’s leftovers and a forecast of rainy weather discouraged us.

We decided on a staycation instead.

It has ended up being a sweet mixture of stuff, including beginning some bathroom reno,

a beach outing on our sunny Monday, naps in the pm in the rain and things like :


Two kitty cats sleeping together on the daybed

(rare as the black one, Boo, is usually attacking the old softy, Azzy.)


Starting my artwork to be submitted for Patti Digh’s next book, the Geography of Loss that is being released in June 2013.


Making a bouquet of the last of my summer flowers


to put on the table on the back deck,

where we enjoyed a lovely evening with my Aunt Lise and Uncle Charlie from Montreal, who made a stop here on their way to the seacoast. It was a treat to have them here !


There was tender moments like keeping the love light burning as John Ptak, Patti Digh’s husband, underwent his kidney surgery. Being a part of the unbelievably loving community, sending healing and prayers to the whole Ptak-Digh family was a joy and an honor for me.


This photo I took from Patti’s facebook page shows her and John after he made it through the surgery really well and was recovering, still feeling the waves of love…

Then there was the arrival of Little Happy.


I saw him a while back at Pier One Imports and have been stopping at the store every two weeks or so to see if he would be on sale.


I have been looking for a Buddha figurine that could go in my garden or in my studio and when I saw this guy, I was completely in love. He is just the right mixture of happy and serene that touches me.

I told my honey, David about him, and how he had made me smile when I saw him.

I also said I didn’t feel right buying him as he was kind of expensive and I have a lot of expenses coming up this fall with workshops and art materials I need to buy.

Then yesterday, when David went out to Home Depot to get some stuff for the bathroom reno,

he walked back into the house carrying my little monk !!!!


I was so surprised and tickled !!!

Isn’t he the cutest ?

And the little Monk rocks too ! Winking smile

I will be rearranging the bay window in my studio to find the perfect place where I can look at Little Happy and smile everyday.



Isn’t it cute how we both have a dimple in the exact same place !

I hope that your week was full of joyful moments, Beautiful Ones !



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Sherry said...

I loved everything in this post...but mostly I loved the photos of you and Little Happy -- Two Happys...(or is that Happies??) -- and a beautiful mister who went out and bought Little Happy for you because he knows that the little joys bring all the big joys into your lives. xo

jgr said...

A great post, I love the 'Little Happy' story too. Thanks for sharing him with us- Good work, David!

Dina Lettre said...

What a sweet hubby...and I'm loving the life of those kitties!

Chel said...

How lovely! We had a "staycation" last weekend, and it was much appreciated. To be honest, we could probably use another one, although poor Gracie gets a little bored with all the stretching out and reading. When i saw your kitties on the bed I assumed they were doing the "good luck changing the sheets" that my cats do ;)

Lynn Cohen said...

This is all quite lovely and glad Patti's husband is on the mend...but what I really want to know is what is MY CAT doing on YOUR day bed? LOL They are twins for sure!

PS Your husband is the best!

Kathryn said...

Lovely! my favs? your summer flowers and your matching dimples!

Mary said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely week!


eb said...

LOVE it all!!!

but hey Kim
you didn't tell me
that you have a twin


see you soon...

xox - eb.

Dianne said...

Your happy little monk is adorable! Love the flowers!

Fallingladies said...

How sweet that he got you little happy, great photo together! Your cats are exactly like mine, i have a big black one, tyrone, and a smaller gray tiger, his mom, Bobdole, that both look just like yours!

her father's daughter said...

can we just clone your hubby? you guys show such sweet consideration to each other. good lessons. sending much love to you...see you soon!!

Stephanie said...

what a JOYous time you had...staying home.

Your happy Buddha is big! This will make you smile just looking in his direction.


Corrine at said...

Big buddha definitely has your attitude about life! Staycation sounds delightful and I am loving your new piece for Patti's book. It will be special because of how you feel about your friend. You will pour the love in. xox

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Great times, Kimmypoo! I have always maintained that a staycation is the most relaxing kind of vacation. And what a fabulous bunch of images here - they all make me smile!

rebecca said...

love love love the close up photo of the two dimpled, smiling, radiant buddha!

kimmdha and buddha!!!

Deb Crecelius said...

Tons, just tons, of joy here :)