Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rocking Relief !

As of Saturday afternoon, my Etsy shop is officially sold out of the 37 Days Rock My World rocks that benefited the John F. Ptak Relief Fund.

My awesome computer geek and right hand man in rocking the world, David, calculated all kinds of juicy statistics for me.

128 orders were placed

for 232 bags of rocks,

all to give financial support to John and Patti as John undergoes treatment for kidney cancer.

(John and Patti, photo by Patti)

(He had his surgery last Wed. and is healing,resting and in amazingly brilliant spirits at home. Can you say clean margins ?!!!)

That means that these Rock Fairy hands painted over 3000 rocks with messages of love that are now all over the world !

And, after shipping costs and materials, it allowed us to donate $1500.00 to the John. F. Ptak Relief Fund !

David and I are unbelievably proud of all the hard work we put in to be able to give to this awesome family in this way. It has been an act of joy and an honor. Our thanks and gratitude to all the people who placed orders with us and made this more special than I could ever have dreamed. Thank you too, to the great gang of Rock Fairy friends who helped me along the way.


You all rock !

I have put the Etsy shop into Vacation mode as I rest my wings for awhile.

What better way to rest than to head to a week-long visit to the Lake House on Lake Champlain, and enjoy a workshop with the amazingly talented, magic maker,  e.b. ,


who just happens to be a sweet soul sister friend that I adore ?!?!


I have gratitude in huge abundance !!!


Rock on, Beautiful Ones !

Sending much love and light !

(Ps - The John F. Ptak Relief fund is still collecting donations until the 14th of September. Wouldn't it be amazing to reach that $100,000 goal ???)


Sherry said...

What you and David have done proves that even one or two people can make a huge difference in this world. But then we've always known that about the two of you. A well deserved rest creating art and enriching your soul is a perfect way to end this chapter of such magnitude. Every right to be proud of this fundraising you guys!! xoxo

Mary said...

Can I say you rock your rocks... :)
That's a lot of rocks...from a beautiful big heart.
Rest those precious hands!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Applause over here (clap clap clap clap clap clap) for your intention and follow through and great big huge heart walking. Enjoy your week!

Corrine at said...

YOu and David certainly do rock and I bet your fingers need some serious rest. Love for your friend, that's what the world is all about. Enjoy VT. xox

beth said...

your wings need more than a vacation....they need a full out massage with hot stones, a steam bath and a feather bed surrounded by feather pillows !!

HOLY are without a doubt the most angelic rock fairy that ever lived !!

and your heart.....well those who know you, know how amazing that sucker is !!!

the biggest hugs to you for everything you do and everything you are to so many !!!

beth said... year, i want to go with you to elizabeth's house if she'll have me....i think the air in and around her home must be heaven like :)

Dianne said...

YOU rock my friend!

Lora Dawn said...

You are kind!

mindfulmettamoment said...

Wonderful! Hope you have a well deserved rest!

Fallingladies said...

Congrats, you have all worked so hard, and i love my rocks of course!

rachel awes said...

that is great news
about the way
your heart gives
rock love, xox rachel

Stephanie said...

You are amazing threw your whole heART into this fantastic effort.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves at eb's, I KNOW you did!!

iHanna said...

Impressive numbers Kim, wow! And congratulations for doing this, you totally ROCK! What a generous soul you are.