Thursday, February 7, 2013

Share the Joy - Celebrate it while you can !

Why make a Joy List every week ?

Well, this is especially important to me when I am dealing with hibernation mode/seasonal depression symptoms and finding joy sinking far down on my list of emotions.

The search for joy and little happies is a definite remedy for the big bad blues, even if it is only momentary or short-lived. It definitely helps !

I may look for bits of beauty like these red berries on the bare branches, bring spots of brightness to the winter landscape…


Or glimpse over at a feline friend who has made sunbeam sleeping an art !


I may go out looking for little happies that make me smile,

like visiting to A Well Kept Secret Antiques with my honey last weekend and finding


three “new to me” glass hands ! They now form a bouquet with my original cobalt blue one found at a flea market a few years ago.

Looking at them all together, filtering the sunlight in the studio bay window,

always makes me sing the Paul McCartney & Wings song “Uncle Albert”, “Hands across the water, ( water), Hands across the s k y….”.


I will now be on the look out for one more hand, in a color I don’t have yet, to complete my bouquet with 5. Odd numbers in art, you know.

I also was excited to find these three gold ceramic letters that spelled out :



A little Christmas-y perhaps, but I could so see them hanging on top of the french doors in my studio where I could enjoy them every day !

This morning when I was hanging them so I could proudly take a picture of them for Share the Joy Thursday,


the O fell to the floor and smashes to pieces.


I actually started to cry.

I had broken my JOY !

But then, after commiserating on the phone with my sweet hubby

(who will be getting out the Crazy Glue when he gets home, if I know him !),

I realized that


like sadness, or anger, or most of the experiences we have in this bittersweet life,

is fleeting.

All the more reason to celebrate it when it comes to you !


So now I am off to find me a new letter O. A different font or roundish object to form the center letter, and I can have my JOY back.

That and a few preparations for the snow storm expected tomorrow, which the super-excited weather people are touting as “One of the Top Ten Biggest Storms to hit New England EVER!”, is sure to keep me busy for today.

I will be on the look out for more joys to share !

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !


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Terri said...

Hello Kim, Well, how symbolic is that!!!
I don't mean to laugh, but sometimes that is the best medicine!
I am a joy treasurer as well...and I do all the same things as you to connect with my JOY. When I feel down, I look for things in my outer world to connect me to my true JOY inside. I love to go for a walk around my yard and look for beauty....sometimes a feather will be waiting for me, or a bird song that lifts my spirit.
Connecting with JOY is a conscious choice. Yay! And how wonderful a statement it will be when the O is re assembled and you can hang up your JOY letters and know that you get to choose to have JOY no matter what goes on in your day! Yay! Isn't it just wonderful to be a conscious creator!

Mary said...

Hey, hobby lobby has similar letters, and you could paint them a bright color...maybe look less Christmasy...and joy is for all the months, not just at Christmas!

Joy to you dear Kim!

Sherry said...

Oh no!! There is nothing worse than broken joy!!! I know that man of yours will do what he can to put the O back together and cobble back together your joy. But the true joy is that he cares and he wants you to have all the joy you deserve. And I kind of think that if you find a different O than the original it will mean your joy is always unique and well, kind of, just like you!! love you joy finder!! xoxox

bacon said...

It's so hard when our "joy" is suddenly shattered. Especially when we have been looking so hard in all the far away places to find joy when we are not feeling especially joyful. But you, sweet friend, are such a joy hunter, that I know your joy is not far from reach. And you bring so much joy to others even when it doesn't feel overflowing. It still overflows out of you. As soon as you said you will be looking for another round object I saw a sunshine. That is what I picture when I think of you - Joy - with a bright sunburst in the middle.

Meri said...

I'll be on the lookout for glass hands and an O (the letter, though the other would be nice. . .). I would have cried too. How awful: shattered joy.

Pride In Photos said...

OH no...the O in Joy got broken? Boo...I know you had to feel terrible about that?! If you are not happy with the fixed results, maybe you can find a different O that would give it almost a pop in the trio. The sun will soon shine again...keep your joy.

Corrine at said...

YOu can fix that JOY chica I know your sweet man will do.....I say blankets, hot chocolate and a good movie. Think of us while we plow it! xox

Kate said...

I think I would have cried too. This way you learned lessons and opened up to new joys, how perfect. Maybe you'll get new letters and make them more your own and less christmassy. More Kim like.
Big Love,

beth said...

hi you....
thanks for also having the need to look for "the joy" on days when it doesn't fall on us naturally !!

i LOVE your hands A LOT and the falling O...well, oh oh....LOL

i think it was a sign to send you in search of a something else to take it's place...who knows why, but it's meant to be :)
xoxo has snowed here all day....i'll be thinking of you as it heads your way.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Let's be grateful that Dave pulled out the crazy glue and not the duck tape! I love how you are seeing yourself through this tough season. You are so damn strong, girlfriend. I hope that you can see you as I do - a radiate beam, magnetically finding other beams of light and shining them out for all of us to see and shine through.

deb did it said...

Kim...every-time I visit your blog, I feel JOY.
I do not believe that ANYTHING could bust your joy.....well, OK...maybe the bad assest winter storm...
come to Florida if you need a getaway!

Amanda St.Clair said...

Holy cow, Kim. I laughed, not at you, but because I had a similar reaction recently.

I had made a raw canvas flag and hung it outside to take pictures. I meant to take it down afterwards and bring inside but didn't get around to. A couple days later my pups got ahold of it and tore down the fifth flag that said, "light." I searched my backyard for it in case it could be salvaged. I couldn't find it and cried out, "I lost my light!"

Later (after I calmed down) I realized how humorous my exclamation was of losing my light. Ha ha. Take care, sweet Kim. You will find joy once again. :-)

EVA said...

I bet David will put the JOY back together for you!

Sunbeam bathing - lol - have you seen Maru? Made my day, that cat!

I received my little 2013 WotY rocks this week - so lovely - Thank you!

patti said...

Sometimes when I really love something I get too excitable and things break! I think you had a case of this too :)

Love your hands, what a great find!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Yes sometimes JOY is fleeting and hard to hang on to!! But even pieced back is still JOY!! Hang on to's all yours!
Happy days

Snap said...

That's looking JOY straight in the face -- good and bad. It may be even better pieced together. Super Glue!