Tuesday, February 26, 2013

While the Muse is away…

Meet my new buddy – Mr. Crochet Hook!


Along with my friend Sonia who showed me how to use him,

he is helping me keep from going completely stir crazy this winter,

and also to fill in the blanks while my usual Muse seems to have recently flown the coop.

Has the bitch escaped to Florida with the Snow Birds perhaps ?

Traitor !

Any way, I have been crocheting up a little storm,

now that I have the basic stitches kind of down.


Of course, I am horrible at following patterns and directions so I have been making tons of circles and doily flowery things. I have also made some cuff length strips that I hope to stitch some eucalyptus dyed bits to at some point. Some are even made of natural silk and/or wool yarn and can be thrown in the dye pot too…


David asks what I am going to do with this growing pile of rounds…


I don’t know yet but I do know that making them helps me relax and seeing them in a bunch makes me smile.

Those are good enough reasons to keep at it for now, I guess…

Speaking of things that make me smile.

Every time I walk into the living room and witness this, I smile !


Boo loves his blond doggie and Cheeks is too kind to say no to a kitty cat snuggle!

I hope you find a lot to smile about today, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !


Snap said...

I certainly understand the new friendship with Mr. Hook! wonderful colorful rounds. Enjoy!

Jess said...

The colours you've chosen to crochet with are divine! They remind me of the beach and it's not just because you've photographed them with the pebbles. :) You're going to create wonders!xx

arlene said...

Oh, those colours are SO pretty!! I can't wait to see what you make out of them. Spring will come, my friend...we just have to be patient and believe!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kimmy!
I LOVE your crocheted rounds
soft fluffy beach glass discs
(I might need some too); )
I know where your Muse is >>>
go look in the mirror
and blow that gorgeous babe a kiss
for me

xox - eb.

Kate said...

Love seeing you making your little crochet rounds. There are a lot of things you could do with them. Have fun with them, the colors are wonderful.


Janet said...

What beautiful colors you've used in your little crochet rounds. I can see them used in many ways. Have you thought about crocheting covers for your rocks?

I find crocheting to be very relaxing and I can lose myself in a pattern.

bacon said...

What beautiful round bursts of love! That's what they look like to me!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

The muse looks like its sitting at the end of the crochet hook by the looks of things. Sweet turquoise flowers happening there. xox

deb did it said...

so so cool.
I have tried and tried to like knitting and crotchet...my Mom does it every day..really cool shit. But I just can't stay with it!
I love yours! and I love all knitted and crotchets stuff...just not the process!! CARRY ON...your Must must be resting here at my beach....I will send her back real soon!!

patti said...

Crochet is the best! Keeps your hands and mind busy! You are very productive Kim and I can see something wonderful emerging from all those rounds!

somepinkflowers said...


welllll ...
i have
a Mr. Crochet Hook
here with me in my florida

{{ does he belong to you
somehow ?? }}

...trying to help me
finish up
my striped afghan
i started Last January
did not finish ...

you see my colors ...

ideas for left over yarn,
maybe you gave me
One Fine Idea, missy...

Chel said...

I love crochet, too. It's amazing. It's like a whole new world. Your pieces are beautiful!

Kim Andersen said...

you used the B word Miss Kim! .... and it wasn't Buddy!

lovely colors ... they look like ocean spray ....

Anonymous said...

Oooo the fiber bug has a mighty bite dear Kim! a mighty bite. When the yarn stash starts growing, we'll talk ;-)
I love your ocean-like colors and your enthusiasm!! You'll be covering stones with crochet webs soon, I am sure. We all succumb.
I love that your cat and dog shares snuggle time together. Can't get my 4 cats and 2 dogs there. No way.
Have a beautiful evening.

Sherry said...

Loving these circles...will it go round in circles? Only Billy Preston knows for sure. I keep thinking I want to take up crochet...now I'm getting itchy fingers. I see many possibilities with these!!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

They are gorgeous! The colors are fabulous. I, myself, have recently gotten to know the hook! My circles are a bit wonky, but I'm trying!
Good luck!