Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The post in which I love winter !

You know me.

I hate winter.

But for one not too cold day in February, 2013,

in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec,

surrounded by peeps I love so much.

and with some winter fun activities to collaborate on,

I loved winter.

For a day.







Now it can go away.

So my red boot wearing days can begin…


Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones !


somepinkflowers said...

{{ oh
NOT a big fan of winter either
at least
am in florida !!

i suffer
kimbo ...

i HAD to Pinterest
your photo #4
on my critter page ...

here is to Spring !! }}

somepinkflowers said...

{{ PS--
your ~smile~
is plum radiant !!

go figure !! }}

Kim Andersen said...

I love all that sunshine!
I would like winter if it could be so much fun :)

here's to red boots!

Anonymous said...

Hey - love those red boots!
Cooking up some red here in sister's kitchen....


Anonymous said...

Hey - love those red boots!
Cooking up some red here in sister's kitchen....


Kristina said...

In the first phot, John is photo bombing my photo bomb!
It was a fun visit! xoxox

Meri said...

I love you -- you're so funny!

Sherry said...

Love the photo bombing!! And I love how you loved winter -- for one day. It looked like a beautiful day -- one where you don't mind being outdoors. And with all that love? Your heart was warm!! xoxo

nacherluver said...

I'm with you. Me-n-winter? Not so close. Hard relationship as a Midwestern Gal.
Glad you found some fun in the sun on that cold cold day!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Gotta love those boots
Glad you had a wonderful outing

Corrine at said...

Oh got to make time for red boots! Although the snow fun with family looked like a marvelous time. xox

Sherry said...

I was just need the red tutu back so you can wear it with the red boots. I think I'll mention that to Anyes where the tutu is now headed!! hee!!

Nadeja said...

hahahaah Good one Kimmy! It sure was a perfect day!!! And the fact that it was winter was not really an issue when you're surrounded by LOVE!! We just had another 'dump', but it doesn't feel so bad knowing that spring is coming really soon!
Have a delicious Thursday my precious daugther. xoxox Love, Mom

bacon said...

I love that you loved winter - even if it was only a day. Sometimes a day is enough. I love that you opened your great big heart to the snow and the cold and played!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I will admit (under duress) that every now and then there is a lovely winter day. It is postcard-like outside my window right now. Yesterday's prediction was 2 - 5 cms. It has been snowing since the middle of the night Tuesday so it is now more like 25 cms. WTF? I think I can handle it better when they tell me 25 cms. are coming and they come rather when they say 5 cms. and we get 25 cms. Am I making any sense or I am suffering from cabin fever?

Kate said...

Winter can have its joys. i am glad you found some of them.

Marit said...

I love to see you smile and happy... when you smile while it's cold, I know you're doing fine! Keep on rockin' dear friend!

lynne h said...

smiling my dear Big Heart...

and yes, let the red boot days begin.