Friday, February 8, 2013

Haiku My Heart–Whole Joy




My joy was shattered.

Friends came and showed me such love.

Joy is whole again !





I so loved all the responses to my shattered joy yesterday !

So many amazing peeps who got what it meant to me when that poor “O” bit the dust !

And so many loving comments about how I am connected to them through the joy I try and share here. That touched me deeply.

Also, some creative people with great suggestions about what I could put in place of my broken letter.

I loved bacon’s idea of a sunshine ! And Mary was right, Hobby Lobby was the first place that came to mind to go looking for a replacement.


And that’s where I found what worked for me !

This perfect light turquoise round wooden mirror in just the right size!

It makes a perfect new “O” !


This morning, with all that blog love,

with the help of my sweet David,

JOY is securely in place !


IMG_4154 - Copy


Thank you, my beautiful Friends !

I hope you know how much you mean to me and how much I treasure the connections we make here in Blogland and beyond.

Sending Big, Big Love !


For more haiku and more love, head over to recuerda mi corazon.


Mary said...

It's perfect...reflecting joy...
Love the color too!

Priti.Lisa said...

well that was a happy accident! Isn't JOY so much more arty and reflective now :) beautiful pictures Kim, and a happy haiku...Stay snug this weekend♥♥♥

Sherry said...

What could be better than this "O"??? It's a gorgeous colour, it makes the whole word "sing" and what I love best about it is the mirror...that it reflects back to you what you pour out to others...Let the Joy Shine beautiful you!!! xoxox

somepinkflowers said...

isn't life grand ♥

the solution
to your problem
gave you
the gift of opportunity !!

this is so jOyful
i am smiling large
to think
how problems
give us gifts ...

{{ recently
i held
your wee
for strength ...

just wanted you to know
how fine
works ♥ }}

Corrine at said...

Fantastic solution and of course I adore the turquoise and your beautiful reflection therein. xox Stay warm and cozy...

bacon said...

So happy your joy is back in one piece! And it's SO lovely! Thanks for the shout out. :)
Much love to you and your new joy. And now, when you need to look for joy all you have to do is look in that mirror and you can find it.

Snap said...

Wonderful! Now you can "reflect" on the JOY you make and share. YeeHaw!

Nadeja said...

Okay Kimmy now you really did it. You have amazed me before, but this post makes the cake!!!! :):) You are amazing! Your spirit is so strong, compassionate, kind, loving, passionate, perfect!!! and joyful...I could go on and on. I am so proud and blessed big time that I am your mom. Keep up the good work little one. I love you so much! Mom xoxoxo

nacherluver said...


Fallingladies said...

I had missed a few posts so am catching up, i totally love those red connections you have made in your journal, and such a wonderful Joy post! good to think we can always fix our joy when it breaks!

Stephanie said...

I love how the new O is a reflection of YOUR joy!!


jgr said...

Awesome solution and SO cool that it's a mirror. Nice color, too! Happy weekend to you - filled with JOY of course.

Kate said...

I love what your JOY turned into. Looks great in your house too!

Poet Laundry said...

Friends are good like that! I like how you did this :-)

Laura said...

oh my goodness how perfect... and now you can see your self right in the middle of joy... LOVE THIS!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that your joy will be mirrored on your own face when you look at it!!

Serena said...

I'm so glad that what originally seemed like a loss turned out to be such a gift. How perfect it turned out! Turquoise, no less! Just perfect. It's so true that you bring so much joy to so many others. I can attest to that for myself. XO

SueAnn Lommler said...

Receiving that love and sending it right back at ya!!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The best friends know just what to do, and when!

Drumming haiku

gma said...

I have heard that joy is:
Job well done
It fits and you can even see yourself in this joy!

Annie said...

Joy is jOy no matter how it appears to us. Marvelous restoration.

Lea said...

Dear Kim, how perfect that your face radiates from this jOy!!! Or anyone else who might catch a glimpse of their refection through your words and art! I loved seeing this transformation, and hearing how your sweetness is reflected back to you in so many different ways! Thanks for dancing with me Kim!

Hazel Ceej said...

"joy is securely in place" - I love how it both describes and defines your experience at the same time. That's a perfect O :)

Ramesh Sood said...

A beautiful haiku this.. I am happy to be here..hope you will too be happy visiting me here:


Marit said...

Kim, it is a JOY to come back to blogland and find you JOYfully commenting on my first blogpost in weeks. And what a JOY to read your wonderful blogposts and haiku and share the JOY for a new 'O' with you... I'm glad to be back and find you cheering dear one!

rebecca said...

dear sweet you,
this is so lovely...this letting go and letting IN! i love you with or without your O, in fact i love you to the moon and back and with all the stars in between!
thank you for being a beacon of lovelight.


Norma Ruttan said...

you spread joy, perfectly!